Southern Alberta

A guided trip in S.W. Alberta is a fly fishing experience of a lifetime, and very convenient from our fly shop in Fernie B.C., which is only 45 minutes away from the world class Crowsnest River. If variety is the spice of life S.W. Alberta is definitely the spice rack, with 5 species of trout, the largest catch and release zone on the planet, the trout rich waters we guide on range from High Country Cutthroat streams to prairie tail waters that big Browns call home.

Elk River Fly-FishingThe guide staff of The Elk River Angler has spent countless hours fishing and exploring these waters and by combining local Knowledge, EXPERIENCED guides and use of private water we have become the guide service of choice for the discriminating angler during their visit to S.W. Alberta.

“Dear Dave,
This is to thank you for the really fantastic fishing trip which we enjoyed recently. Two of the guys with me spend more than half the year in Jackson Hole and Colorado as their primary residence. They fish many of the streams and rivers in both places. The best compliment to the quality of the fishing and guide service represented by the Elk River and the service your company provides is the first thing they wanted me to do before we left Fernie was to make reservations for this coming year. We were impressed. The fishing is as good as I have ever seen anywhere. We are looking forward to this year.”
Dave Hentschel
Tulsa, Ok.

“Excellent dry fly fishing for cutthroats/rainbows… Dave Brown has a great staff on/off the river… The rivers/scenery are next to Alaska’s… Great accommodations… Two of us, fish’d fall of ‘2000’, going back w/eight this fall… Can’t wait….”
Dave Pilsner
Tulsa, Ok.

The Area
The magnificent rivers and streams of southwestern Alberta are truly one of fly fishing’s final frontiers. Famous in its own right, the Crowsnest has attracted much attention in recent years. The Oldman, Waterton, Belly, St Mary’s and their tributaries offer unmeasured miles of quality trout stream. Click here for the S.W. Alberta Hatch Chart .

A little further north of these rivers, the Elk River Angler offers an opportunity for the visiting angler to meet the awesome trout of the Bow River