Arizona Bird Hunts

The State of Arizona is famous for its outstanding scenery, excellent climate and of course the Grand Canyon.

In Wing Shooting circles Arizona is also known for great Desert Quail hunting and is a “go to ”  destination once winter roles into other locations or seasons elsewhere close.

The State of Arizona offers the quail shooter the opportunity to pursue three species of Quail which are Gambles ,Mearns and Scaled Quail , on top of that the there is great late season Hunting for Mourning Doves and Duck Hunting  via Jump Shooting tanks can be decent.
Lisa and I live in Patagonia AZ which is located in South East corner of Arizona; we are surrounded by the Coronado National Forest, which is home to the best Mearns Quail hunting in the United States and the World. Gambles Quail and Scaled Quail can be found a short distance away as we have plenty of Grassland Savannahs and mesquite lined washes that these two Quails call home. From November to April our Dog String consisting of   2 Brittany’s, 10 English Pointers and 1 Yellow Labrador   spend most of the days in the field hunting,guiding then training on these great game birds.

Arizona Quail Hunts
 I am a Licensed Arizona Hunting Guide operating under Arizona Quail Guide’s Coranado National Forest Permit.For the last several seasons I have hunted then guided Bird Hunters in S.E. Arizona .

The Area
South East Arizona lies within the grasslands and mountain ranges of the Sonoran Desert the scenery and low population density ensures there are plenty of things to do in the great outdoors the Town of Patagonia is very laid back and friendly, it is home to some good to great restaurants, shops and art galleries, non-hunters will have no problem enjoying themselves Arizona Guided Quail Hunts.

Our Quail hunts are based out of Patagonia AZ; from here we can pursue all or the most abundant quail species, which can vary from year to year.

Lodging is either at a Hotel  a very charming B & B ,or a all inclusive Dude Ranch

Quail Season
The Arizona Quail runs until the 2nd Monday of Feb.We start our Hunts soon after we have returned from Our Saskatchewan Bird Camp which happens in Mid November.

Dove Season -Reopens November 25  and closes in and around January 9th .
The best time to hunt is from Late November . thru to early February when the season ends .

Weather wise, Arizona is a great place to be in the winter; average day time highs are in the low to mid sixties.

Getting here
Patagonia is located 70 miles south and east of Tucson AZ, which is the closest commercial airport. Private aircraft can fly into Nogales AZ; Patagonia is 18 miles north of Nogales

Why us
For us, Outfitting and Guiding in the State of Arizona is not a sideline or an escape from something else like a “normal” job or a attempt at trying to make a living in the great outdoors.It is a serious business that demands a lot of expenditure in the form of Great Dogs, Trailers, Dog Boxes, Reliable Vehicles etc. It also demands at lot of time in the field scouting for Birds and training dogs. Presently we have a String of 13 Bird Dogs, a mix of Brittany Spaniels, English Pointers and for flushing and retrieving a Yellow Lab. Our Associate, Arizona Quail Guides (Steve Hopkins) also has a similar string. The Benefit to our Clients is we have a ton of dog power to deal with the harsh conditions of the very dog-unfriendly Sonoran Desert. No other Outfitter or Guide operating in The State of Arizona comes close to the number of well-trained dogs we have.

We are not weekend or winter warriors, we live in S.E Arizona, our knowledge of the area, our Birds, habitats and the people that also live here are second to none .We are not going to promise high success rates, that is up to you and Mother nature We will put the odds in your favor based on your capabilities and experience and most importantly ,you will have a fun, safe time in the field.

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