Arizona Quail Season Pics

Chili Pointing Gambels Quail

It’s always bittersweet when a season comes to the end.The closing is a signal for more  good things to come and it gives us tie to plan for another.Our Arizona Quail Season is no different ,we are glad its over but can’t wait until the 2021-22  gets here.

Scaled Quail and my W.M. Cashmore 26 Gauge

Reflecting back this past season was a gooder,lots of Desert Birds to keep things interesting and a few Mearns Quail for those wanting that challenge.To sum it up the numbers where decent and like any “wild Bird Hunt” somedays where better than others.

A pair of Mearns Quail

So as we look forward to the 2021-22 Arizona Quail Season there are rivers to be fished ,a Montana and Saskatchewan  Hunting season to get thru,Dogs to be ran and trained and the non-stop Rain Dance that is performed by Arizona Quail Hunting enthusiasts including Yours Truly !

Scaled and Gambels Quail

Enjoy the Pics ! and to those that hunted with us Thanks Again !

Italian SXS 16 Gauge
Mearns Quail Point
Honey backed by Sunny
Gambels Quail
Mouse and Honey
going in
Running Shoes
Male Mearns Quail
Mearns Quail Point
Mouse pointing Gambels Quail
Arizona Sunset