Besides great Upland Bird hunting, the Province of Saskatchewan offers spectacular Waterfowl hunting for a number of species of Ducks, Geese and Sandhill Cranes.

Because our location is in the middle of the Central Flyway staging area we encourage our guests to take full advantage of this resource, as the Waterfowl hunting is nothing short of epic.

We have the equipment and knowledge to make things happen .For our field Goose shoots We have over 300 Decoys a combination of Motion and Shells which gives our quarry confidence in our spread, especially the ever wary White fronts & Snows.

Our Duck spread also consists of Motion Decoys, Shells and Robo ducks. For pothole shoots we have a variety of floating Decoys including Mallard, Pintail and White fronts decoys.

We feel that our Waterfowl hunts add to the overall experience of your trip, and a great way to rest tired legs and at the same time keep your Shotgun Barrel warm.

Note: Waterfowl hunting is a lot better in Saskatchewan therfore we do not offer waterfowl hunts in Alberta

Saskatchewan Seasons (approximate Dates)

Hungarian Partridge: September 15th to November 14th
Sharptail Grouse: September 15 to November 14th
Waterfowl: September 1st to December 16th

Saskatchewan Season
September 15 thru to November 15

Saskatchewan Bag Limit

Gray Partridge8 per day
Sharptail Grouse3 per day
Ruffed Grouse10 per day *only as an add on Day*
Ducks8 per day
Geese8 per day *3 can be White Fronts or Specks *
Cranes5 per day

Please note the best time to come for Waterfowl hunts is from Oct 1st thru and into November.