Tying The Kreelex Streamer

Saint Mary River B.C. CutBow that ate a Gold and Silver Kreelex

Looking for a flashy streamer that’s easy to tie,gets to the bottom of things and catches the crap out of a variety of Gamefish ? Look know further than the Kreelex Streame !Even though it has been popular in the East for sometime,The Kreelex gained popularity in the West 10 years ago and it has become a “go to”  Streamer for a lot of  Fly-Fishing Guides because of it’s all around simplicity and effectiveness.I tie the Kreelex Streamer in sizes #4 and #6 which seems to work well for Trout and Bass The color combo’s are up to you but for starters go with Gold and Silver,Olive and Silver and Blue and Silver.Copper and Gold can also be a big hit.

5 wt with floating line and a Gold and Silver Kreelex -Crownest River Alberta

On Large Rivers I fish it on a Sink Tip but fishing the Kreelex on a Floating line can also be deadly, the weighted Eyes get it down in a hurry and can be very effective on Small to Medium sized Rivers. Below is how I tie The Kreelex Streamer,some people tie Their’s different via the over and under wings are the same length as the tail.That’s personal preference.Tie up a variety in different,sizes,colors and styles and see what works for you.

Crowsnest River Cutbow that ate a Kreelex Streamer

Tying Tips 

The Kreelex Fly is a flashy Clouser Minnow variant.Approach tying the Kreelex the same way.Because of the Dumbbell Eyes tied on top of the hook shank,The Kreelex Streamer rides or swims up side down, the darker material are  always tied on the bottom of the fly.Contact me if you have any questions.

Tying Instructions & Materials 

Hook TMC 5253 #4 -#6

Thread UTC 140  White or Black depending on fly color combo.

Dumbbell eyes Medium – Large

Tail and Wing Montana Fly-Company Kreelex Fish Flash Material *see picture below this is very important because other materials do not move the same in the water*.

Use this and nothing else !


Step 1.

Tie in dumbbell eyes using figure 8 method, glue and wrap thread to back of the hook shank before the bend

Step 2.

Tie in Tail and fold the material that is facing the front of the hook back over so it also forms the tail and tie off.

Step 3.

Trim tail so its the length of the Hook shank or 3/4 of the length wrap thread forward so it is in front of the eyes.

Step 4.

tie in wing using the same technique as on the tail then fold over and tie off behind the eyes Clouser Minnow style.The  wrap thread forward of the eyes.

Step 5.

Trim the under wing (The fly rides upside down ) so its 1/2/ -3/4 the length of the tail.

Step 6.

Turn hook over and tie in the Over wing in the same manner as the Under wing and tail.Pull the forward portion back over the rear portion and tie down.Cut the over wing so it is the same length as the under  wing which should be 1/2 -3/4 the length of the tail.

Step 7.

Build head via thread wraps ,whip finish and cement with your favorite UV Cement or Resin.

Step 8.

Finished Fly
Crowsnest River Kreelex Action