Arizona Quail Hunting Report

Arizona Quail Hunting Report

Arizona Mearns Quail

Conditions are looking good for the up and coming Arizona Quail Hunting Season.We are stoked.Our prediction based on observations and rain patters is Gambels and Scaled Quail numbers will be good ,Mearns Quail hunting will be spotty and fair in those spots.We are confident that those venturing south to Arizona will have good success harvesting the coveted Arizona Quail Slam.D.B.O. is actively accepting bookings but we have implemented a Covid 19 booking policy and are not taking deposits until we are sure that you are good to go.Contact Us to book your Arizona Quail Hunt today 


Arizona Quail Slam

Dogs Stacked up on Arizona Gambels Quail

Chili points a single Gambels Quail

Missouri River Montana Hopper Action

Missouri River Montana Hopper Action

Hopper eating Missouri River Rainbow

This has been a great year for Hopper fishing on Montana’s Missouri River.With luck it will last well into to September.The days start out fishing droppers under Hopper patterns and once the trout start looking up they come off.The “eats” dry from subtle sips to vicious attacks forcing anglers to be on their toes and forever being ready.Fishing the banks can be productive and classic however mid river produces the most results a game of wait and see.The best hook ups are the ones that come out of the “skinny water ” the fish don’t like to be “busted ” and go ballistic when hooked chances are Anglers lose the fight but W.T.F. thats what Fly-Fishing is all about.

Hopper Hook -Up

Montana Scenery

Lindsey Channel getting it done


Bright cheeks


Hopper eating Brown Trout

Dave’s high vis Hoppers

Post Card From Montana

Post Card From Montana


Hook Up

I arrived in Montana last week and so far its been a blast.I have fished some small creeks,Guided on the Missouri River and explored some new water with my friend Lindsey Channel.

Brown Trout

The Fishing has been good and will only get better,as the rivers are on the high side which means we will have good flows throughout the season.Currently the hatching  P.M.D.’s  and Caddis have  been getting them on top.

Brown Drake

Of course Nymphing is always good and Streamers have their day.As I look towards Late July into August Hopper fishing should be awesome as there are a lot of Small Hoppers kicking around already.

Missouri River Fly-Fishing

I’ll be busy as I can be on the Missouri River,on days off I attend to explore and fish as much as possible.If you can get out this way let us know.We have some space and being here in Montana is good for the soul.

Montana Rainbow Trout

Small Stream

Brown Trout




Calgary Fly-Fishing

Calgary Fly-Fishing

Downtown Calgary Hook -Up  Photo Credit Angela Rankin

From a Calgary Fly-Fishing perspective the relationship between The Bow River and The City is extremely unique.The “famous” stretch of the Bow River referred to as The “lower” Bow River is where the action is.Depending on who you talk to  this section starts  at Fish Creek Provincial Park while some Calgary Fly-Fishers may contend that it starts just above the Calf Robe Bridge where the Bonny Brook Sewage Treatment Plant pumps  treated affluent into the river.This nutrient load is the reason why the Lower Bow River has a large biomass aiding in the obscene growth rate Bow River Trout are famous for.It’s also at Fish Creek Park where The Bow River begins to leave the urban sprawl of Calgary behind as menders through farm and ranch land, heading east to join the Oldman River where together they  form The South Saskatchewan River eventually flowing into Hudson’s Bay.

Bow River Fly-Fishing  Guide Gavin Stookes with a Lower Bow River Brown Trout and a very happy client

The 50 mile Lower Bow River setting is picture perfect for what Fly-Fishers from around the World seek,Serenity,wildlife,and large wild Trout.Guides and DIY Anglers for the most part stick to the lower Bow because the trout population seems to be more equally balanced between sometimes moody browns and easier to catch rainbows.Although anecdotal most anglers would agree the further up The Bow River you fish Brown Trout tend to dominate making for some slow days if the bite is not on.There is also the aesthetics of Fly-fishing through a city of million people,but when it’s on The Fly-fishing for large Brown Trout can be lights out.


“lower” Bow River peaceful setting.

Until recently the “City Stretch” above The Glenmore Trail Bridge was for the most part untouched from Drift Boat Anglers,however due to some forward thinking City Planners The Harvey Passage was created allowing floaters to bypass the Western Irrigation Dam at the same time Bow River User Groups petitioned the City to start opening up more access for launching boats.The result has been beneficial to both Anglers and Trout.

Bow River Brown Trout caught during a Green Drake hatch at the Glenmore Trail Bridge

This has given Drift Boat Anglers another two full day floating options starting in N.W. Calgary and taking out at the Calgary Zoo,or floating from the Zoo and taking out at Glenmore Trail.Floaters can also continue going all the way to Fish Creek Provincial Park.The benefit for the Trout is that more spawning habitat has been opened up via the passage around the Irrigation Dam and although there was a fish ladder for the trout to navigate the Dam,it was often clogged with debris making it difficult for pre spawning Bow River Brown Trout to navigate, thats now  changed with the passage.

Bow River Guide Angela Rankin launching at a City Stretch Commando Boat Ramp

This has been a long overdue game changer for The Calgary Fly-Fishing Scene.Although fishing can be tough it has taken some pressure off the more popular lower Bow River and given Anglers an alternative  if Bow River tributaries are pumping dirty water namely The Elbow River as a good portion of this float is above it.

 Planes,Trains,Automobiles and Fly-Fishing

Bow River Rainbow Trout and The Calgary downtown core

When I first moved to Calgary I always fished in the City as it was easy to access,close to home and with the time restraints I was dealing with I could easily fish for a few hours and call it good.My usual beat was below The Ogden Railway Yard down to the Calf Robe Bridge.I would start off fishing streamers swinging them “down and across” while wading and if a hatch materialized I would switch to Dry Flies.

Good Friend and Mentor Rick Harding working an Inner City Bow River side channel

These Fly-Fishing “quickies” helped develop my current love affair with this part of the river.As my guiding career progressed this area became my proving grounds on new files or tactics I was experimenting with.Now on my days off I’m quick to rekindle this relationship and float it.This stretch can be noisy and sometimes the Tubers can be a little distracting however The Bow River has a different character compared to further down river.It’s more “bouncy” due to the gradient, there are lots of rip rap banks, gravel bars  and Islands with side Channels making for some very interesting and “fishy” water.There are also fewer Drift  Boats and Jet Boats are not allowed.

Fishing Buddy Angie Rankin pulls one of a Inner City Bow River Rip Rap Bank

Given the nature of the River it’s not conducive to Nymph rides,It’s a Streamer or foam Dry Fly game, with Streamer fishing being the most effective.The fish population is not as dense as The lower Bow River consisting of mostly Brown Trout  with a few Rainbows thrown in,when its on you can get into plenty of 14-16 inch Browns with some tanks to keep you on your game.When its off, its off.

Coffee Minnows and other big Streamer Patterns get it done

Myself and my Calgary Fly-Fishing Guide Friends love it.On days off its our go-to as we can be on it early in the AM then off in the early afternoon allowing us to get it together for Bow River Guide Trips the the next day.There is also something to be said about catching trout as you float thru the downtown core of a City of over 1 million people! A very unique experience and a testament to the water quality of the Bow River.

Calgary Fishing Guide Mike Turnbull with a Bow River Brown Trout

When the stars align and various Mayflies and/or Caddis hatch you can also find yourself throwing Dry Flies to rising Trout or fishing foam Hopper or Stonefly Patterns from the Boat when thats going on.For Visitors to Calgary that may not have the time for a Guided Float Trip on the Lower Bow River, this stretch is worth considering as the travel time to the river is a lot quicker than driving out of the Calgary City Limits.

The Omaha Kid and a Hopper eating City Brown Trout

Some of our Bow River Fly-Fishing Clients have now tacked on an extra day just to get a taste of the City Stretch.Their fingers are crossed on every cast hoping for the chase  and an eat from a trophy Bow River Brown Trout.

Calgary Downtown Brown Trout

For More Information or to Book a Guided Bow River Fly-Fishing Trip or information on Calgary Fly-Fishing Contact Us ! We love to help you out and Our Bow River Fly-Fishing Guides are always “UP” for Floating the Bow River in Calgary Alberta.


City Chilling



John Rohmer’s Simi Seal Leech

John Rohmer’s Simi Seal Leech

A brown trout that ate a leach pattern

Small Stream Brown Trout with a Leech –Montana 

Leeches are an important food source for all things “fishy”  subsequently most Fly-Fishers have a go to pattern that they use.Mine has always been a very basic Mohair Leech as it’s simple to tie and fishes well.Fishing Leech Patterns on both Rivers and Lakes can be done in any number of ways and all methods are effective.You can hang underneath a Strike Indicator and Nymph them, trail a leach pattern behind a larger streamer and strip them back or fish a couple leeches in different of combinations and see which works.A popular method on Alberta’s Bow River is to tie a “light” Leech pattern and drop it off the bend of a Foam Stonefly or Hopper Pattern.Leach Patterns are  versatile,effective, and impressionistic,meaning your quarry might be eating them for a number of reasons on top of looking like leeches.

Bow River Brown Trout with the evidence.

Why The Simi Seal Leech ?

My fishing Clients from Arizona always raved about the Semi Seal Leech and we would fish them with excellent results.For whatever reason I did not completely embrace this pattern even after moving to Arizona.The Mohair Pattern seemed to work fine so I  just never bothered tying The Simin Seal Leech until this year. John Rohmer’s Simi Seal Leech is even easier which makes it faster to tie.It’s also just as effective as my old “go to” !Best of all it requires one Material which is Simi Seal Dubbing,throw a Bead on it and you are set.It is  just as effective as more elaborate patterns and with the variety of colors you can cover the whole gauntlet of what you can use it for.Normally we are tying it in sizes #8-#10  on a Mustad  9672  nymph hook. Colors I like are Black,Brown,Tan and white.These colors cover the gauntlet on which fly can represent which are Leeches,Baitfish,Crayfish,Damsel,Dragon and Stone fly nymphs.Checkout  JohnRohmer’s Video below have fun tying.Click Here for Materials.


Panfish love the Simi Seal in White


Tying The Kreelex Streamer

Tying The Kreelex Streamer

Saint Mary River B.C. CutBow that ate a Gold and Silver Kreelex

Looking for a flashy streamer that’s easy to tie,gets to the bottom of things and catches the crap out of a variety of Gamefish ? Look know further than the Kreelex Streame !Even though it has been popular in the East for sometime,The Kreelex gained popularity in the West 10 years ago and it has become a “go to”  Streamer for a lot of  Fly-Fishing Guides because of it’s all around simplicity and effectiveness.I tie the Kreelex Streamer in sizes #4 and #6 which seems to work well for Trout and Bass The color combo’s are up to you but for starters go with Gold and Silver,Olive and Silver and Blue and Silver.Copper and Gold can also be a big hit.

5 wt with floating line and a Gold and Silver Kreelex -Crownest River Alberta

On Large Rivers I fish it on a Sink Tip but fishing the Kreelex on a Floating line can also be deadly, the weighted Eyes get it down in a hurry and can be very effective on Small to Medium sized Rivers. Below is how I tie The Kreelex Streamer,some people tie Their’s different via the over and under wings are the same length as the tail.That’s personal preference.Tie up a variety in different,sizes,colors and styles and see what works for you.

Crowsnest River Cutbow that ate a Kreelex Streamer

Tying Tips 

The Kreelex Fly is a flashy Clouser Minnow variant.Approach tying the Kreelex the same way.Because of the Dumbbell Eyes tied on top of the hook shank,The Kreelex Streamer rides or swims up side down, the darker material are  always tied on the bottom of the fly.Contact me if you have any questions.

Tying Instructions & Materials 

Hook TMC 5253 #4 -#6

Thread UTC 140  White or Black depending on fly color combo.

Dumbbell eyes Medium – Large

Tail and Wing Montana Fly-Company Kreelex Fish Flash Material *see picture below this is very important because other materials do not move the same in the water*.

Use this and nothing else !


Step 1.

Tie in dumbbell eyes using figure 8 method, glue and wrap thread to back of the hook shank before the bend

Step 2.

Tie in Tail and fold the material that is facing the front of the hook back over so it also forms the tail and tie off.

Step 3.

Trim tail so its the length of the Hook shank or 3/4 of the length wrap thread forward so it is in front of the eyes.

Step 4.

tie in wing using the same technique as on the tail then fold over and tie off behind the eyes Clouser Minnow style.The  wrap thread forward of the eyes.

Step 5.

Trim the under wing (The fly rides upside down ) so its 1/2/ -3/4 the length of the tail.

Step 6.

Turn hook over and tie in the Over wing in the same manner as the Under wing and tail.Pull the forward portion back over the rear portion and tie down.Cut the over wing so it is the same length as the under  wing which should be 1/2 -3/4 the length of the tail.

Step 7.

Build head via thread wraps ,whip finish and cement with your favorite UV Cement or Resin.

Step 8.

Finished Fly

Crowsnest River Kreelex Action

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