2020 August Fly-Fishing Update

2020 August Fly-Fishing Update


2020 Summer Forecast 

Rivers are now in summer mode and flows remain good.Fishing has been decent to good and we are expecting to have excellent Hopper fishing starting soon.READ OUR CURRENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Please Read the Alberta Covid 19 Instructions for Fishing 

Floating The Saint Mary River -BC

Reduced Rate Fly-Fishing Trips 

We have reduced our Guided fishing Rates for the following Rivers.Pencil In Booking Policy Applies.Due to Covid 19 Precautions We cannot provide lunches in Canada.Clients must pick up their own lunches.

Bow River $600 CAD 

S.W. Alberta Rivers $650 CAD 

Elk River $600  CAD

Saint Mary River $650 CAD 

Canada -United States Border Closure and Bookings 

The Border remains closed until August  21st.Therefore we are suggesting that our U.S.Clients that have booked Trips consider shifting their Booking to Montana and The Missouri River.We can help with Lodging Arrangements.We suggest those that want to fish in Canada in August consider our “Pencil in Booking” policy.

2020 Hopper Fishing 

With a normal Spring we are expecting another good Hopper Year which we are excited about.With flows expected to be on the high side of normal will mean August should offer some exceptional fishing.

Hopper fishing in Montana

Hopper Fishing

 Top River Pics for Montana,Alberta and British Columbia 

The Missouri River generally fishes great from mid May well into October.The timeframe that we target is mid May to September.The Missouri River will have excellent  flows throughout the season and late July &  August will be good.With our new partnership  we are able to make fishing on this excellent river happen! 


Missouri River Brown Trout

Form the first week  of July thru into October.The Bow River which is flows thru Calgary Alberta and is an easy  quick Trout fix.If you like big browns and rainbows this is it.With Direct flights from most major US Cities this is an easy trip to put together and requires no rental vehicle.With the current flows we are sure this is going to be great.Have a look at this great Bow River 4 night 3 day fishing Package 

Brown Trout Double -Missouri River

The Waterton River -Located in Extreme S.W. Alberta this is a good to very good Brown Trout River.Its floatable in early July then as it drops  it is an excellent walk and Wade option for large Brown Trout.

Fly-Fishing The Crowsnest River

The Oldman River -Located in S.W. Alberta this river has many ‘faces” ranging from Alpine Cutthroat fishing to a medium sized Tailwater Float trip.

The Elk River in and around Fernie B.C. should be primo throughout July, August and into September.

If you are looking at booking dates please do sooner than later.Call us @ 800-453-3991,text us @520-604-2729 0r email us.

Oldman River Hook up

Good Friend Lindsey Channel hooked up on a streamer eating Missouri River Brown Trout

For Now  Fish Local

For Now Fish Local

Fishing local in Calgary Alberta


Let’s face it this Corona Virus has placed the World on “pause” until further notice.Fishing Trips requiring flying are being postponed or canceled severely impacting the Fy-Fishing Industry especially Destination Guides, Oufitters and Lodges as no one wants to risk travel and you cant blame them.I had high hopes of traveling north to Ontario to help a friend out with his Guide Service focusing on Great Lakes Steelhead,that would be a kick I thought but now the U.S. -Canada Border is closed.

Arizona LMB

So much for that great idea.A case of “Cabin Fever” has also set in and I am thinking I may have to continue to lay low and perhaps squash my guide season  in Montana and Alberta which would result in me staying right here in Patagonia Arizona which for all intensive purposes is not the Fly-Fishing Capitol of the World.If that scenario becomes reality Ill miss my northern fishing season however the main thing is stay healthy and limit contact with People.

Urban Brown Trout

Hopefully this situation that we are in sorts itself out sooner than later, but in the mean time I plan on fishing local.Checking out different Bass Lakes and perhaps some Small Arizona Trout Streams,places I have never been before but wanted to go.I’m sure a lot of you are having the same thoughts and want to make the best of a crappy situation.

Great Lakes Steelhead from a river thats 3 hours of Detroit and 2 hours from Toronto

If you live in the east or Midwest perhaps its time you checked out that Smallmouth Bass River you have heard about but never fished,or that little creek that via the rumor network you heard holds Brook Trout the further up you go.East Coasters have a myriad of Salt Water opportunities and if you live close to the Great Lakes their Tribs offer shots at some decent migratory rainbow and brown trout plus various Salmon Species.Farm Ponds stocked with Bass or Panfish can be a hoot ,sure its not Rocky Mountain Trout fishing but all this could be close to your home.Speaking of which, if you live in the West generally you don’t have to go far to find a Trout Stream,maybe this is the year you get into fly-fishing Alpine Lakes or getting off the Tailwaters and fishing back country streams for Cuttys.

Small Stream Brook Trout

Of course all of the above might require some tackle and Fly purchases and rather than order everything online give your friendly neighborhood Fly-Shop a call,Im sure they would love to hear from you and need the business.A suggestion to limit your contact with fly-shop staff would be to order your flies, leaders and hopefully that new rod and reel over the phone and have everything ready to roll for pick up or maybe delivery.

Panfish can be a riot on light tackle

The people that are really going to hurt while this pandemic carries on are Guides.If you enjoy fishing  with a local guide why not give him or her a call and see how they are doing ? Question them on what they have been doing to prevent the spread of this virus, most I’m sure have been laying low tying flies or fishing solo.If you are comfortable with their precautions and they are with yours perhaps book a trip.A few Caveats to add would be you would take your own vehicle and follow the guide, if you are floating have your rig shuttled also.I would suggest  providing your own lunch and drinks, finally consider tying your own flies on your tippet.This would give you a chance to get out with a Pro,help a fellow Human out while at the same time ensuring social distance is maintained.

Buddy Dan with a nice Arizona LMB

At the end of the day we will all get through this.Of course taking the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of and catching the Corona Virus is on everyone’s mind.However you still need to go fishing and I’m hoping these suggestions help.Stay Healthy and Safe Amigos !

Small stream Trout fishing



Book Now For The 2020 Season

Book Now For The 2020 Season

Happy Client with a Bow River Brown Trout and D.B.O. Guide Angela Rankin with the net

As our 2019 Season Fly-Fishing Season Ends we are excited about what lays ahead in 2020.We will be active on Montana’s Missouri River starting In May of 2020 along with our regular operations in Southern Alberta ,namely the

Bow River

and S.W.Alberta.Andres will be looking after the B.C. Operation allowing us to be more focused in Montana and Alberta.

Missouri River Fly-Fishing

We are working on some stellar lodging options in both areas so stay tuned as our vision unfolds!

Missouri River Brown Trout

Hopper Season was Awesome in 2019 !

Brown Trout Double -Missouri River

Bow River Rainbow

About Us

Since 1988 Dave Brown has guided fly fishermen on southeastern British Columbia’s and southwestern Alberta’s renowned rivers, such as the Elk, Bow and Crowsnest. During the falls he has pursued his other passion-wingshooting over pointing dogs-and has spent a considerable amount of time hunting Western Canada and the U.S. Dave soon realized that the upland hunting in and around his previous Canadian home was pretty special, with few hunters and lots of birds, especially Huns and Sharptails. With other outfitters advertising upland hunts in conjunction with Waterfowl shoots, Dave realized that no one was offering what true upland bird hunters really want: walk-up hunts over pointing dogs. Subsequently, Dave has become the first outfitter to employ pointing dogs in The Provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. In 2005 Dave met his Wife Lisa while Quail Hunting In Patagonia Arizona Dave emigrated to the United States and together they formed Dave Brown Outfitters U.S.A. L.L.C which act as an agent for Dave’s Canadian Operation which includes Guided Fly-fishing trips throughout S.E. British Columbia and Southern Alberta, The US Company also represents Dave’s Running Hun Lodge located in S.W. Saskatchewan which has fast become a “mecca” for serious Hun, Sharptail and Waterfowl Hunters.

Dave also was instrumental in developing a cast & blast program in which clients would target large, pre-spawn Bow River Brown Trout for several days and then head out onto the prairies to hunt game birds. The program has been very successful. He has has spent considerable time pursuing or game birds in different areas outside of his normal realm, such as Chukar and Valley Quail in British Columbia and since 2000 Dave and his Dogs have spent every season hunting Bobwhite Quail in Oklahoma. Now he and his dogs are busy throughout the winter months conducting guided Quail hunts throughout Arizona. During the off season Dave is busy training dogs, tying flies, attending Sportsman’s shows, fly-fishing for Bass and searching for more wing shooting venues.

At the end of the day Dave prides himself on being an Outfitter’s Outfitter and a Guide’s Guide, he is a “hands on” Operator, his enthusiasm, experience and knowledge of Fly-fishing and Wing-shooting are second to none, no other Outfitter or Guide in North America can offer such a variety of Outdoor Pursuits over such a vast area and run it as a viable business yet still have fun.

Dave gives thanks and credit to Ben O. Williams for his constant tutelage, especially with dog training.

Guide Team

People are the most important part of any organization, and it is know different at D.B.O as we take great pride in the people that work with us

Dave Brown — Outfitter and Guide
Darcy Richardson
Head Guide and Water Fowl Coordinator Besides being an avid hunter, Darcy brings a lot of experience to the D.B.O. team as for several seasons he worked at a Waterfowling lodge in Northern Alberta and as a Fly fishing Guide in South Western Alberta and South Eastern British Columbia

Quinn Styles
Quinn has worked with D.B.O since 1992 as a Fly-Fishing Guide and in the fall as an Upland Guide. Quinn has Three English Setters and a Chesapeake Bay retriever. Quinn will be heading up our Alberta operations this year.

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