Fly-Fishing Update

Fly-Fishing Update


Missouri River fly-fishing

Missouri River Hook -up

Now that are well into August conditions have finally improved and Hoot Owl Restrictions have now been lifted due to a recent cool down which included lots of much needed rain.The Rivers that we have focused on have been fishing good then due to warming temperatures shutting down.This cool down will now change that and we can expect consistent fishing throughout the day.

Netting a fish on The bow River

Bow River Fly-Fishing

With the Canadian Border re-opening We are super stoked about our US Clients making the trip up and getting a piece of the Bow River.Fishing has been good to excellent making the trip north well worth it.

Bow River Rainbow Trout

Bow River Hopper Eater

Montana’s Missouri River has also been producing well.Although low and weedy the Hopper Bite remains strong and we are excited about what the cooler water temperatures will do for conditions here on out.Contact Us and Book Your Trip

Missouri River Brown Trout

Missouri River Hopper Brown Trout

Fly-Fishing Updates

Fly-Fishing Updates

Missouri River Montana Fly-Fishing

Our Fly-Fishing Season up on the Missouri River is in full swing, and the fishing  has been good and gets only better as the Season progresses.Caddis and P.M.D.’s have started and the fish are eating them.

Missouri River Brown Trout

Canadian Border Forecast

We have high hopes that the Canadian Border will finally be re-opening sooner than later but we are expecting by August at the latest.We are expecting things to get busy once the announcement is made.Due to the cooler temperatures “Up North”  August is a good month to plan an Alberta or British Columbia Fly-Fishing Trip  and it’s easy to get to.Stay Tuned !

Bow River Fly-Fishing

Fly-Fishing The Bow River

Montana Fly-Fishing Guides

Montana Fly-Fishing Guides

A Missouri River Brown Trout

The “Omaha Kid’ with a Missouri River Brown Trout

 Orvis Endorsed Montana Fly-Fishing Guides – Channel & Brown Outfitting Co.

Channel & Brown Outfitting Company is The only Orvis Endorsed Fly-Fishing Outfitter located on Montana’s Missouri River.Our Missouri River Fly-Fishing Guides are located in the Small and Quiet Town of Cascade Montana,a stone’s throw from the Banks of the Legendary Missouri River.

Missouri River Montana Fly-Fishing

We are looking forward to our Montana Fly-Fishing Season on Montana’s Missouri River.As it stands now June is sold out and so is early July.We do have some space available Late July but that won’t last long.We can also get you out in May on a Guided Missouri River Float Trip if need be.What You should be planning is a Fly-Fishing Trip to Montana’s Missouri River in August.

Missouri River Streamer fishing

Fly-Fishing Montana’s Missouri River

Missouri River Fly-Fishing in August

Missouri River Rainbow Trout

Missouri River Hopper Eater

August is one of the most underrated months to Fly-Fish The Missouri River.The Reason being is over the last several years Montana Streams experienced below average snow pack which relates to low and warm water during the month of August.During the last couple couple of Seasons we experienced average to slightly above average snow pack which translates to good flows throughout the Montana Fly-Fishing Season.Both the 2019 and 2020 Season on the Missouri River during the month of August.2021 is shaping up to be the same way.I would Book Now and experience some exceptional Missouri River Hopper Fishing.

Montana Fly-Fishing Guides

Introducing Channel & Brown Outfitting Company L.L.C.


Missouri River Montana Fly-Fly-Fishing

Missouri River Fly-Fishing

Channel & Brown Outfitting Company L.L.C. (MT Outfitter 7886 ) is a Cascade MT Based Fly-Fishing,Big Game and Bird Hunting Outfitting Service co-owned by Lindsey Channel and Dave Brown.Our Fly-Fishing focus is on Montana’s Missouri River and surrounding area.This all came about in August of 2020.We are extremely excited on being able to offer Authentic Montana Outdoor Experiences to our Clients via this new Partnership.

channel and brown outfitting company logo

Channel & Brown Outfitting Company

Missouri River Montana Hopper Action

Missouri River Montana Hopper Action

Hopper eating Missouri River Rainbow

This has been a great year for Hopper fishing on Montana’s Missouri River.With luck it will last well into to September.The days start out fishing droppers under Hopper patterns and once the trout start looking up they come off.The “eats” dry from subtle sips to vicious attacks forcing anglers to be on their toes and forever being ready.Fishing the banks can be productive and classic however mid river produces the most results a game of wait and see.The best hook ups are the ones that come out of the “skinny water ” the fish don’t like to be “busted ” and go ballistic when hooked chances are Anglers lose the fight but W.T.F. thats what Fly-Fishing is all about.

Hopper Hook -Up

Montana Scenery

Lindsey Channel getting it done


Bright cheeks


Hopper eating Brown Trout

Dave’s high vis Hoppers

Small Stream Hopper Action

Small Stream Hopper Action


Ontop of the stellar Fishing on The Missouri River there are some decent small streams to fish in the area.Of course they go nameless.It’s a great way to spend a day and seeing some great country.My friend Heather and I headed out to check out a stream she has access to.It was well worth the visit as numerous Browns and a Cutthroat ate our foam Hopper offerings.Perfecto !

Small Stream Fly -Fishing


Heather hooked up

Small Stream Brown Trout


Hook Up

Brown Trout


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