July 29 2018 Fishing Report

July 29 2018 Fishing Report

Hopper Eating Bow River Brown Trout

Terrestrial Fishing has arrived and is strong in our neck of the woods.We are seeing more hoppers this year than in previous years which makes for some very interesting fishing.As the days warm up it seems so does the fishing.

Floating The Saint Mary River

Alberta’s southern Trout streams are all fishing well.So has The Elk and Saint Mary River in BC.We have been quite busy on The Bow River.for good reason its one of the few Western Rivers where anglers regualry hook above average sized rainbow and brown trout.

Hoppers it’s whats for dinner

As we Progress into August Hopper fishing will only intensify and during hatch periods watch for Flav’s ,Caddis and Tricos.All river dependent of course.Contact Us and lets get out there.

Elk River Cutthroat

Bow River Rainbow

Hopper Eater

Fly-Fishing Report July 17

Fly-Fishing Report July 17

Bow River Brown Trout

In general fishing has been good to excellent.The Golden Stone hatch is slowing down but Hopper fishing is going to be picking up.When Dry Fly fishing is slow we have been throwing streamers with good results.

Fly-Fishing The saint Mary River

July 8th  River Report

July 8th River Report

Dry Fly Brown -Bow River

The Bow River is fishing good,dropping and clearing.Streamers have been producing and The Golden Stone Fly Hatch is picking.Condtions in SW Alberta are excellent,Over in S.E. British Columbia conditions are great as The Elk River continues to drop and clear.Anglers can expect to see hatches (depending on the river) of Golden Stones,Green Drakes,P.M.D’s and Caddis.

Elk River Cutthroat

Streamer fishing is excellent also.So get ready as it’s  “game on”.

Bow River “Fatty”

    Top Picks for July 

  1. The Bow River 
  2. The Elk River 
  3. The Missouri River (MT) 
  4. The Crowsnest River 
  5. The Saint Mary River 

Elk River BC

Alberta and British Columbia’s Best Early Season Rivers

Alberta and British Columbia’s Best Early Season Rivers

Bow River Brown Trout

Snowpack in The Canadian Rockies is very good.We are suggesting that you don’t come up until after July 1st,unless there is a huge early season melt River wont be fishable until then.Once the rivers start to drop conditions will be “lights out” for the entire season ..do to a good snowpack year.In Alberta expect great Golden Stone Fly action on The Bow,Crowsnest ,Oldman and Waterton Rivers‘.

Early Season can mean some excellent Streamer fishing

On The Britsh Columbia side of The Rockies one can expect the same hatches and Streamer action.

Fly-Fishing The Elk River


  • The Bow River in and below Calgary is a must do.Hatches at this time are Golden Stones,Caddis and P.M.D.’s
  • The Oldman River and it’s tribs can offer some great dry fly fishing during hatches of Goldenstones,Green Drakes,Caddis and P.M.D’s .
  • The Wateton River in the early season offers a short window to float this picturesque Brown Trout stream.Hatches include Golden Stones,Green Drakes,Caddis and P.M.D.’s.
  • The Elk River offers non-stop Dry Fly action during hatches of Golden Stones,Green Drakes,Caddis and P.M.D.’s .
  • The Columbia River is a solid early season bet for huge rainbows eating P.M.D.’s and Caddis.
Waterton River

Floating The Waterton River

2018 is shaping up to be an awesome season,don’t delay book with the Region’s #1 Outfitter.Contact Us or call 800-453-3991

Elk River Cutthroat

Bow and Elk River Fishing Reports

Bow River Hook up

The Bow River in and below Calgary Alberta continues to fish great.Hopper- Dropper rigs are getting it done and so are streamers.Of course nymphing is also working but why? when other techniques delver above average sized fish?.Current hatches are Caddis and B.W.O’s.

Bow River Rainbow

Meanwhile down in S.E. British Columbia The Elk River is also fishing great.Hatches consist of Olives,Mahogony Duns,Nocturnal Stones and October Caddis.Terrestrial fishing can also be good on warm days.When in doubt try fishing streamers for larger than average cutties and bull trout.

Streamer eating Elk River Cutthroat

For information on booking a trip Contact Us or give us a call @800-453-3991 

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