Arizona Quail Season Pics

Arizona Quail Season Pics

Chili Pointing Gambels Quail

It’s always bittersweet when a season comes to the end.The closing is a signal for more  good things to come and it gives us tie to plan for another.Our Arizona Quail Season is no different ,we are glad its over but can’t wait until the 2021-22  gets here.

Scaled Quail and my W.M. Cashmore 26 Gauge

Reflecting back this past season was a gooder,lots of Desert Birds to keep things interesting and a few Mearns Quail for those wanting that challenge.To sum it up the numbers where decent and like any “wild Bird Hunt” somedays where better than others.

A pair of Mearns Quail

So as we look forward to the 2021-22 Arizona Quail Season there are rivers to be fished ,a Montana and Saskatchewan  Hunting season to get thru,Dogs to be ran and trained and the non-stop Rain Dance that is performed by Arizona Quail Hunting enthusiasts including Yours Truly !

Scaled and Gambels Quail

Enjoy the Pics ! and to those that hunted with us Thanks Again !

Italian SXS 16 Gauge

Mearns Quail Point

Honey backed by Sunny

Gambels Quail

Mouse and Honey

going in

Running Shoes

Male Mearns Quail

Mearns Quail Point

Mouse pointing Gambels Quail

Arizona Sunset

Arizona Quail Hunting Pictures

Arizona Quail Hunting Pictures

“Mouse” Points a Covey of Gambel’s Quail

This is the “year” for Desert Birds according to The Arizona Game and Fish Dept. Here in the S.E. Corner you’re working for them and overall its been good.The recent rain has really helped with scenting conditions and there are now longer clouds of dust hanging over the dogs as they rip it up.

going in

Mearns Quail Hunting has been spotty but fair in places making Mearn’s Land almost vacant except for the hardcore.We like that ! We also like playing cat and mouse with Gambel’s and Scaled Quail Covey’s its unpredictable and very exciting when a large covey explodes out of whatever cover they are holding in.Most importantly spending time walking around the Desert is well worth the views and  good for the soul.

Mearns Quail and a Belgian SxS

Kate and Buddy pointing Mearns Quail

Gambels Quail

Crush Pointing Scaled Quail

The Honey Badger pointing a single Gambels Quail

Running Shoes

Parker 20 Gauge and Gambels Quail

Gambels and Scaled Quail

Mearns Quail Point



Montana Bird Hunting and Scenery Pics.

Montana Bird Hunting and Scenery Pics.

The Open Prairre

Old out building


There is nothing better than getting out on to the Prairies in the Fall and chase Birds.Normally we would be in Saskatchewan  however thats not the case for this season, we are in Eastern Montana.

The Landscape is vast and full of opportunities for the Dogs and Hunters.Native Birds include Sharptail Grouse and Sage Grouse,the imports are Hungarian Partridge and Pheasants, most times when covering points you never know what to expect.

Sunny Points a Covey of Huns

Our older Dogs have pointed most of the wild birds found on the Northern Plains however the Sage Grouse is a new species.It seem the dogs are very surprised at the size of the  Sage Grouse that are flushed over their point,several Sage Grouse points later they are still bewildered.

Crush and Bill pointing Sage Grouse

The Sharptails are numerous and have been fun for both dogs and Hunters alike.We  have picked up our Dog Training game and have been busy scouting knew grounds so we are seeing a lot of fresh or un pressured birds.The terrain ranges from big open C.R.P. Fields to rolling hills covered in native Grass.Sage Brush Flats and Creek bottoms round out the mix which never gets old.

Millie points Sharptails

The beauty of the area,the friendly people and now that Fall is in the air is a great distraction from everything else that going on in the world. Peace Out.


Chili with a Sharptail Grouse

Old Farmstead

Sharptail Grouse

abandoned Grain Elevator

Covering a point

Prairre Rattlesnake


Old Farmstead




Montana Bird Hunting -Channel & Brown Outfitting Company

Montana Bird Hunting -Channel & Brown Outfitting Company

Montana Roosters

This year will will be offering Guided Hunts in the State of Montana thru our Montana L.L.C. and Partnership Channel & Brown Outfitting Company (Outfitter #7886 ) .We will be located near Malta MT and have over 120,000 acres under lease consisting of great Sharptail,Hun,Sage Grouse and Pheasant Habitat.As this new venue builds out we will be adding more leases in other parts of the State and also implementing combo Wingshooting and Fly-Fishing Trips on the Missouri River.For now we are  taking bookings and can accommodate up to 6 Hunters on a 2 guns per 1 guide ratio.

Crush and Kate pointing Sharptail Grouse in Montana

Our Montana Bird Hunting Venues will complement our existing Saskatchewan Upland Bird and Waterfowl Guiding operation and allow Wingshooters the ability to take in the very best of what hunting on the Great Plains is all about.

Montana Hungarian Partridge and a SxS

Contact Us for more info



End of the Arizona Quail Season Pics

End of the Arizona Quail Season Pics

Covering a Chili Point

The Arizona Quail Season has now ended and by all accounts it was decent.We saw a little  bump in Desert Bird #’s and depending where you hunted Mearns seemed to be OK overall.The good news is that at time of writing its raining, and we had a lot of it this winter.Winter Rain in Arizona usually transpire to more Desert Quail, we are long overdue for a good bump in Gambels and Scaled Quail numbers and a lot of fingers are crossed that happens.Stay tuned Amigos and keep doing the Rain Dance!Check Out our El Coronado Lodge and Arizona Quail Hunting Pages.

Mearns Quail

Sunny on Point

Kate and Chili

Millie on Point

SxS and a Male Mearns

Crush on Point

Gambels and Mearns Quail

Male Mearns Quail and a Hammer Gun

covering a Point

Arizona Quail Slam

Lift Off


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