About the Birds

About the Birds
Gambles Quail are the most widely distributed quail in the State.Like all Quail they are a covey bird, covey size ranges from 10- 50 birds and are found in “classic “Sonaran Desert habitats. Gambles Quail Generally run before for they fly ,making for some interesting dog work ‘once the covey is broken up the birds set up in singles and pairs , then they hold very tight for dogs resulting in some great shooting opportunities for hunters .
Mearns Quail covey sizes range from 8-15 birds, because of their limited range in the US, the are considered by many hunters as a trophy bird they are also the largest of the three species. Mearns Quail live in mountainous terrain above 4000 ft., and their habitat consists of Oak covered mountain slopes and Oak lined canyons. Mearns Quail will hold very tight, and offer the hunter some very challenging shooting opportunities as shooting takes place in tight or thick cover.
Scaled (Blue) Quail prefer open Grassland Savannahs, their covey size ranges from 10 to 50 birds and are notorious runners, but like the Gambles Quail they hold tight once the covey is broken up.


    •    Non- insinuated boots
    •    Layered clothing
    •    Strap Vest that can hold lots of water bottles or has a hydration pack
    •    Polarized Sun or Shooting Glasses
    •    non- insulated Shooting gloves

Guns and Loads
My two favorite guns for Mearns Quail are both Side by Side 16 Gauge guns with 28 inch barrels one is choked cylinder & Improved Cylinder the other is choked Skeet & Skeet
 For Gambles and Scaled Quail I shoot the same guns but there are days when I switch to a 12 Gauge Side by Side choked at IC & Mod.
I shoot 7/8 oz # 71/2 shot on Mearns and British #6 or North American # 7 on Gambles and Scaled Quail, sometimes you need #6’s for Scaled Quail .I never shot more than an 1 oz load and due to the guns I am shooting they are a 21/2 inch shells.

Rates & Dates 

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    •    Deli –Lunch
    •    Transportation to and from the field
    •    Non-Alcoholic Beverages
    •    Lodging and Meals (as indicated)
    •    Gratuities
    •    Shotgun Shells
    •    Licenses
Your Dogs are welcome 


Dave Brown
Email: Dave@DaveBrownOutfitters.com 
cell 520-604-2729