5 Weights

ready to go for a walk and wade

As I get ready for the up and coming fishing season my Fly-Rod inventory consists of a lot of 5 weight rods,all 9 footers. I guess you can never have enough of them, they are rods used the most in the boat by both clients and myself when I get to fish.A 5 Weight Fly -Rod can get it done.

Elk River Cutthroat

From streamer fishing on small rivers to technical Spring Creek dry Fly fishing.For most its the “go to Hopper or Dry Fly Boat rod.It’s easy to see why 5 weights are one of the most popular freshwater Fly-Rod Models out there.The versitality says it all !

Hopper eater and a 5 Wt

All my 5 weight Reels are loaded with weight forward floating lines,no specialty gimmick lines and no sink tips.If Im fishing streamers with a 5weight its on small rivers and usually with Clouser Style flies which get down quickly and deep enough for what I want to do.

Capt. Steve Hollensed,a streamer eating Elk River Cutty and a 5 wt H3D

Most Anglers have a 5 wt or two kicking around,If you don’t go get one ! You will enjoy it.

Oldman River Brown Trout and a 5 weight

Foam flies and 5 wts go hand in hand
5 wt Brown Trout and Dry Flies