Bad Ass Bass


Southern Arizona Bass fishing .

Here in The Sonoran Desert the Bass action continues to heat Up at our area Bass lakes.  I dodge the lakes where motors are allowed and settle for quiet ,smaller fish and more pristine views. The hardware guys are doing ok but I think the Fly-fishers are doing better , why ? Smaller flies and having your boat or float tube 30 ft off the bank seems  better than 10 ft. off the shore and throwing the latest lure Cabelas has to offer ,after all  the Bass have seen that routine a lot  and they are wising up to it ,especially in these drought conditions or low water . Top flies for us have been Slump Busters ,Simi Seal Leaches and Small Foxy Clousers , all imitate Dragoon and Damsel Nymphs plus small baitfish that the Bass key in on .

The Shoreline structure produces but recently we had great success fishing Streamers on floating lines and 10ft leaders over weed beds , a lot of the time we are getting eats when the fly starts to drop ,then you are in the game. It is also a zone that does not get hit hard. Weed beds offer shelter from overhead predators and is the preferred home for baitfish and aquatic insects such as Damsel and Dragoon Fly nymphs and for the most part this zone is often overlooked by the hardware crowd who are focused in on the shoreline structure .

Bass love to eat Streamers

Most of the Bass we have been catching have been in the 2 -5 lb range ,which  is decent Although larger fish in the 10lb + range  lurk out there the time will come when we hook into some of the Monsters .

Clouser Eater
A Simi Seal leach produced this fish


Cholla Cactus in Bloom
Don't forget your license ,some Dumb Asses do !


A largemouth that ate a Fat Albert