Bow River Browns



Alberta’s Bow River is renown for its large rainbows and browns.Some folks say it’s one of the best rivers in the West for big trout.I agree.This season has been epic in terms what the Bow River can reward Anglers.You earn your big browns via throwing streamers or hoppers into those brown troutish spots.It can pay off.

Undercut Sweet Heart

Imagine drifting along and casting  hoppers  to tight to the bank or into a bucket, out of nowhere something dark appears below your fly and eats it, then the fun starts.Head shakes then those unmistakable big brown trout runs and surges that remind me of a misbehaving Labrador being being walked on one those goofy retractable leashes .

DBO Guide Gavin Stooks,happy client and a Hopper eater

If your throwing streamers the take is not visual  the “thump” is unmistakable when a Big Bow River Brown Trout eats.Once again You are rewarded for you efforts.

Funky Colors on this Hopper eater

I keep coming back to the Bow River for exactly that, more often than not it’s not me casting the rod but I get to be a part of it.Thats all that matters.

Beavertail Brown Trout