Brown Trout


Rainbows,Brookies,Cutthroats and Bulls all have their place in Trout and Char lore.However it’s the European Knockout that wins the beauty contest.Mention big trout in a room full of fly-fishers and you will have everyone’s un divided attention,add big browns and the same room will start to drool.

Brown Trout -Hopper eater

Salmo Trutta gets a lot of respect due its elusive nature.Weather it’s a small Eastern Limestone Spring Creek or a big Western Tailwater they have a following.Known for their prowness you are a legend if you catch a monster on a dry, but  Brown Trout Anglers know the big guys need big flies adding some macho -ness to the Streamer Game.

Small Stream Alberta Brown Trout

Nymphing will get it done too but ….. i’ll leave it alone.The Brown Trout fanatics I know stare off in the distance as they talk about  big brown sipping P.M.D.’s in reckless abandon.Giving you a shot at your best dry fly fish EVER.Then there is the night or early am Brown Trout group that thinks nothing of risking their lives to throw streamers and Mouse Patterns along undercut banks in hopes of catching a big brown.

Spring Creek Brown Trout

Despite Man’s best attempts at screwing up our Trout Streams brown trout prevail.They evolved around people,putting up with pollution,warming water and Hill Billy regulations (or lack of) they continue to do so now.Some fisheries managers are on a native trout species kick,the thoughts are native species need some love to the introduced and self sustaining Brown Trout’s expense.To little to Late? it’s hard to say but I feel the  powers to be need to embrace the reality that the Brown Trout are here to stay and with all due respect are a lot more fun and challenging to catch than a 6 inch native Brook Trout  or a 10 inch Cutthroat.


Bow River Brown Trout

It’s safe to say Brown Trout have there place within the fly-fishing public.Perhaps there is a need for more and better brown trout management ? As license sales continue to decline perhaps more pics of slab brown trout might help save the day ? Who knows.I do know that Brown Trout fanatics will keep drooling at the thoughts and mentions of this great game fish.Myself included.

New Zealand Toad
Brown Trout