Desert Fly-Fishing

Buddy Dan with a Arizona L.M.B
Hook -Up

Down here in The Sonoran Desert things are heating up ..literally.From what I can tell The Bass are finishing off their Spawning and are now trying to make up for calories lost.It’s a good time to get out and hit a few of the Desert Bass Lakes that are in the area.

My Drift Boat about to be put to good use.

Like any type of fishing low light seems to be best mornings our evenings,the predators are in the shallows chasing around bait fish and other bottom food chain snacks.Fishing double streamer rigs on floating lines seems to be the ticket.A big  Clouser as the top fly with a smaller trailer on the bottom covers it.

Lisa working the shallows

We find fish in the shallows or hanging off the drop-offs in likely ambush positions.Watching the surface of the lake is also important.Often the Bass and Panfish will be pushing  schools of baitfish into the shallows a sure sign that fish are in feeding mode.

Red Ear Sunfish
Ice Cold Modelo the beer of choice !

As the water warms the chances of topwater action also heats up.Poppers get it done,as do Chernobyl Ants and other foamy offerings.

Arizona L.M.B.
7weights get it done

S.E. Arizona may not be the ultimate Fly-fishing destination,however there is certainly a lot of options to explore.The scenery is not to shabby also.