Five More Tips to Becoming a Better Fly-Fisher

The ‘first five’ garnered enough interest and feedback that I’ve decided to expand the concept: here goes … Besides, ‘Top 10’ has a Letterman feel to it. Please feel free to weigh in and disagree – debate is what makes the fly-fishing world go round.
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 1. Not stepping on fish
 Okay, maybe that’s a bit overstated. It’s more like not stepping where the fish was a moment ago, before it bolted across the river and alerted every other trout in the run to impending danger. Time after time, clients hop out of the boat and immediately slosh into the middle of the river. Then they turn around and ask, “Where should I start casting?” I ask them to come back to the boat so we can huddle. “Where you should have started casting,” I direct, pointing to a spot about 15 feet from the boat, “is right there, where the water’s muddy from your boot prints.”
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