Floating Rivers

Elk River Fly-fishing guides

It’s tough to beat floating a river .As Fly-fishing guides we get asked all the time “don’t you get sick of this ? ” The usual response is ” my office is nicer than yours and no I don’t” .Sure walk and wades are fun , and a great way to fish but there is nothing like kicking a Drift Boat off the Trailer and floating for 8-10 miles .Besides the non-stop changing views you can pack or take a lot of gear with you.It’s not uncommon to have 3 rods per angler plus everything else like supersized fly-boxes ,Waders ,Rain gear ,A cooler full of beer , lunch, dog  and a couple of good fishing buddies. Drift Boat Fly-fishing is a team sport, the participants are involved in each other’s angling  success which adds to the the day.

Floating The Elk River

Usually there is a certain method or technique that the “team”agrees upon .For me and my cronies usually it is either throwing Streamers or Attractor Dries while looking for Rising fish , both methods allow you to cover a lot of water and get a feel for how the Trout are behaving.This is critical as most of  our “fun floats” are used to scout out rivers with hopes of locating “pet fish” .At the end of the day  success is measured by fish moved as opposed to fish caught, the bonus is  great times spent with friends .


Floating Montana's Missouri River


Evening Float


Floating The Elk River