Fly-Fishing or Bird Hunting?

Fly-fishing take you to some incredible landscapes

What’s your favorite Fly-Fishing or Bird Hunting ? I get this question a lot,I guess because I am “all in” on both sports and easily shift into one or the other depending on the Season.Thats the key, The Season as both are seasonal sports.

“Bird Hunting Scene -Saskatchewan

Both Sports parallel each other,in other words or in mine  they are “Zen” sports.If you are into Fly-Fishing just to catch fish then you miss the point and the same holds true with Bird Hunting,if all you want to do is kill shit perhaps you should focus on Preserve Hunts with no limits and forget about wild bird hunting.A wild bird Hunter or what I consider a true Fly-Fisher (someone who gets it ) are  open minded to whats going on.To be a good Fly-Fisher Person I think one must approach the sport from a bunch of different  angles.The same holds trues about Wingshooting.

If you didn’t fly-fish chances  are you would not go there

The Zen in Wingshooting is compounded by  lot of different things,For myself its all about the dogs, wild birds and of course the accompanying side x side shotgun that go’s with.A lot of effort goes into the pre- hunt ritual, training dogs, cleaning or purchasing guns and of course planning trips.The actual hunt itself is the climax of a bunch of stuff coming together.

A lot of training and time went into D.B.O.’s Southern “Belle”.She is now “guidable”  and pictured pointing a covey of Huns in Saskatchewan.

The same holds true in Fly-Fishing.There is the pre-season trip planning, fly-tying,rod purchasing and even video watching to get you pumped up.Of course it’s also about how a fish was caught,wiht Dry Fly fish holding the highest bar followed by the monster that ate a streamer,Nymphing in a lot of circles holds a very distant third.

for many pre season fly -tying adds to the “zen” of fly-fishing

From my angle both sports take you to some incredible places that perhaps are overlooked by mainstream travelers.It’s safe to say both bring out the adventure spirit in us.Thats why I love them both in very much the same way.It’s up to you to find the beauty in both sports by stepping back and taking everything in, mostly where you are at at the given moment that you are participating in one or the other.

It’s all about that one fish
A pair of Scaled Quail and “The Gun”