Fly-Fishing Gear Review

Here is some of the” new stuff “I have been  working with during the current fishing season .Although there are many good -great products out there I have put these pieces of equipment through the ultimate test of day in and day out guiding .Enjoy !


NRS Soft Cooler . I run two coolers in the boat ,one for  drinks and a soft cooler for lunches .The problem I have found with soft coolers is generally speaking they fall apart ,leak , and the zippers are crap. When I was fishing The Missouri River in June I metioned to Julie at Head Hunters Fly-Shop that was on a soft cooler quest , the result was the purchase of a nice well built soft Cooler by North West River Supplies. it gets a thumbs up !.

NRS Soft Coolers –

Yeti Coolers  I bought my Yeti Cooler last year , a 45 quart model that is perfect for holding drinks .The Yeti Cooler has paid for itself , ice lasts a long time and it has had the shit beat  lots of abuse from 8 months of guiding ,bouncing around in the bed of my F-150 or in my drift boat . Yeti coolers are awesome and highly suggest you get one !

My Yeti

The Clackacraft Eddy Drift Boat  Clackacraft launched the Eddy Drift Boat this year , part 16ft LP ,part Skiff the boat lives up to what is supposed to do,cover all the basis of both styles of boats.For the rivers I guide on we need some rocker in the stern so a skiff is out, however on a few of the rivers we work a skiff would be more practical ,presenting a low profile that can handle the wind re The Missouri River , River Y and The Bow River,and is easy for clients and guides to get in and out of .Enter the Eddy , at 15 ft 10 inches it has a ton of room and really good storage ,with the wider Skiff style rear end the boat balances perfectly ,even with the “fat guy ” in the back. The boat is easy row ,infact it is the easiest boat I have ever rowed. A big thumbs up to Clackacraft and the Eddy .

ClackaCraft Eddy on The Missouri River
Calckacraft Eddy’s Skiff Stern

Orvis Access Fly-Rods  I first cast the Orvis Access Fly-Rods at the I.S.E. Show in Phoenix in February,then ordered two to use. A 9 ft 5 wt Tip Flex is my go -to boat Rod and a 9 ft 8 wt is my favorite Bass Rod .Both come in at around $375 . Made in the U.S.A these rods are finished nice and are perfectly suited to be used as either back -up or primary rods ,depending on your budget and needs . I like the tip flex models  ,they are very smooth casting at all ranges and yet generate enough line speed for longer casts or throwing hoppers into the wind .

casting the 9ft 5 weight tip flex Access Rod at the Best of the West Fly-casting competion
The 8 wt. Orvis Access Tip Flex is perfect for Largemouth Bass Fishing .

Dave Brown Outfitters Ball Caps 

Dave Brown Outfitters Ball Caps are available at The Kootenay Fly-Shop  .The hats come in Tan or Camo ,low Profile or Trucker style . The selling feature of D.B.O hats is that the trout won’t see you coming and if they do immediately surrender by eating your fly. Therefore D.B.O hats help inflate your ego by helping prove to yourself that you are indeed a Trout Slayer .

D.B.O Hats -Fish fear them ,chicks love them