Fly-Fishing Of Course

Arizona LMB

Down here in Arizona the days (like everywhere ) are longer, nights are shorter and temperatures are downright balmy.It’s almost Bass fishing time ! I’ll get at it next week.

Buddy Dan with a Arizona L.M.B

The Northern Rockies are experiencing classic late winter -early spring conditions,warm one day then snowing the next.Snow Pack  is slightly below average so there should be a “runoff.

Missouri River Brown Trout

I’ll get at Trout Fishing starting in Late May on Montana’s Missouri River, the weather is stable then and so is the dry fly fishing.

Missouri River Hook -Up

From there it’s up to Alberta and British Columbia,taking advantage of some great post runoff Fly-Fishing for dumb fish that are looking for Golden Stones.Traditionally this will start in and around the last week of June,I’ll play it safe and go with the 1st week of July.

Stone Fly Eater -Bow River

My favorite river to fish at this time is Alberta’s Legendary Bow River which tends to offer up some monster browns and rainbows while fishing big foam dries and streamers.Other Rivers in Southern Alberta are also shaping up at this time.The Waterton River can be really good and is extremely scenic.This “power float” entails floating for 16 miles and again casting streamers of big dries into holding water.It’s either really good or bad … either way it’ worth the price of admission.

Floating The Waterton River

As July Progresses The Elk River starts to really turn on.Hatches of Green Drakes and Golden Stoneflies dominate, big dry flies fool the river’s Cutties ..making for some very cool eats.Streamer enthusiasts will also be rewarded by catching some big Bull Trout.

Hook up Elk River British Columba

It’s shaping up to be another incredible season.There is a lot of time between “now and then” I’ll get my boat washed out and start tying flies.

Elk River Cutthroat