Fly-Fishing The Bow River –Game on !

Conrad Martin and D.B.O. Guide Quinn Styles with a 25 inch Brown Trout .

After leaving the Missouri River , Kip and Conrad Martin headed up to Calgary to continue their Western Fly-Fishing Adventure  with Dave Brown Outfitters.Guided by Quinn Styles , the two Anglers  proceeded to kick fin on the legendary Bow River .The Bow has just started to fish ,the big browns and rainbows have Golden Stoneflies on their minds.Our two anglers fished hard and where rewarded , with Connor landing this 25 inch pig Brown. Fly-fishing the  Bow River while it’s  dropping is stellar, the monster trout have not seen any flies in a long time and soon they  will start keying in on the Adult Golden  Stoneflies within the next few days .. so what are you doing ?