Front Range Fly-fishing

Missouri River Hook-up

The Front Range of The Rocky Mountains is one of the most dramatic settings an angler can fish .Our experiences for the most part have been in Montana and Alberta . Areas where the ruggedness of the Mountains give way to Foothills and Prairies .It’s jaw dropping scenery that compliments the often stellar fishing found on a wide variety of rivers that include freestones ,spring creeks and tailwaters .Like the rivers that flow off the East Slopes , the trout species also varies , brown ,bull ,cutthroats and rainbows can all be found .An intrepid Angler can easily spend a lot of time fishing this region ,and barley touch it .As varied as the rivers so are the hatches .Most rivers receive  hatches consisting  of Skwala Stone Flies , March Browns,Baetis and Midges .As the season progresses most  rivers experience hatches of Salmon Flies ,Golden Stones , Green Drakes , Brown Drakes various  Caddis ,PMD’s and Tricos .At some point Front Range rivers leave the foothills and hit the  prairies   and thats where you will find me especially in August as Hopper fishing at the time is usually the norm,offering consistent dry -fly fishing for some very large trout. Despite the awesome fishing ,the scenery is what turns my crank.




The Missouri River
Floating the Missouri River


Twin Butte Alberta


Brown Trout
Tailwater Hook -Up




Rainbow Trout- Crowsnest River



The Crowsnest River -Alberta


Waterton River
Waterton River


Floating The Waterton River


Bow River Float Trip -Alberta



Livingston Range
Wild Flowers -Alberta
Alberta Cuttbow