Good ‘Ole Boys Rip it Up on the Elk River

Kenny and Barry are Virginians thru and thru. Who else in the Lower 48 could boast of nailing channel catfish on cicadas?

They’ve also fly-fished for just about everything with fins, spots or scales: stripers, bass of all sorts, shad, redfish, blues, trout of all types. You name it – they’ve probably cast a fly to it. This week they channeled all that fly-fishing lore and experience onto the Elk River and tributaries.

Barry & Kenny gatherin’ em up on dry flies

And hammered it. I mean really, really hammered it. It’s taken till September, but the Elk River has finally reached the dry-fly form we all know and love it for. Pods of trout are up top eating Olives, Flavs and Slate-Wings thru the afternoons. October Caddis are coming on daily, and wise anglers are well-advised to watch for them in the evenings.

October Caddis – Sorry about the blur!

Yesterday I was out with a couple from Spokane. They fished to risers all day as well, and proclaimed their outing as one of the best ever. In one short run they landed at least a dozen big cutties on Flav and Baetis patterns. Guides reported similar stories from up and down the river.

Barry hooked up
The result
Barry works a run
Kenny works a tailout
Barry with another beauty

Give the Elk a go right now. Dave Brown Outfitters is rolling till October and we still have days available.

… Chris