Kayak Fishing: Working Out While Chasing Trout

Sometimes you just need to get away, and that’s what I did last month with my new fishing kayak.

I took off to the B.C. Interior for 10 days. I haven’t seriously fished lakes for 10 years, but this spring I decided to change that, so I set out for the Roche Lake region south of Kamloops.

The kayak is almost 14 feet long, and the bed of my RAM barely holds my prone body, so obviously I needed a solution. I found it in a nifty ‘bed extender’: it’s sort of like a pull-out couch for Cousin Bob, who won’t fit on the sofa without his feet dangling over the armrest. Now I can safely secure the boat, and even on the roughest washboard it doesn’t budge. Cousin Bob might not budge either, but then you’ve got a different problem.

Pull-out couch for kayaks

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