Brown Trout

Conditions wise things here on the Missouri River are day to day you have to get out there and see  what is going on.Between Guided trips I’ve been getting out with friends or fishing Solo.All enjoyable of course.The Hopper bite can be off and on you have to commit to it if in doubt We have thrown some streamers with good results.To shake things up I have  ventured out to some small streams south of Helena in search of Brown Trout which can also be rewarding.Despite the Covid Crap This Season has been a blast.

Hopper fishing

Streamer Eater

Small Stream Brown Trout

Brown Trout

Small Stream Hook up

Missouri River Brown Trout



Steamer Hook Up

Rainbow Trout -Missouri River

Hopper Eater

Streamer Success

Hooked Up

Hopper Eating Missouri River Brown Trout

Big City Lights

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