More on Fly-Fishing Lakes

South Country Lake

Over the Years I have had a lot of great fishing for both Trout and Bass on Lakes .One thing they all have in common is that when they are on ,they are on fire,and as a rule grow large fish.while waiting for The Elk River  to drop our  days are spent checking out the stellar British Columbia Fly-Fishing Lakes and canceling trips .The Lakes are the shiny spot  because they never blow out.

Derek Crawshaw and I took a detour and scouted out a” new to us lake.” It was full of pan sized rainbows and some nice fat Brookies .Fishing Leach patterns on floating lines and long leaders was the ticket ,the takes where for the most part where  subtle ,eating as the fly dropped after a strip,sometimes the Trout crushed it .The afternoon was fun.

Sitting around Fernie B.C. waiting for The Elk River to drop so we can start Guiding Fly-Fishers is painful ,along with drinking lots of Beer and tying flies our lake fishing sojourns are a good way to kill the time.

Lake Rainbow
Hook -Up