National Fishing Week – July 7-15, 2012

Whether you use a Crankbait, Kernel Corn, Killer Caddis, Dew Worm, Red Devil, Grub, Grand River Hopper, Garden Variety Cricket, Panther Martin or Preparation H Mouse, this week is for you.

It’s National Fishing Week in Canada – government sanctioned, guide endorsed, and unofficially sponsored by Canadian Tire and Dave Brown Outfitters. It’s a time to drop pretense and pick up a fly rod, Powerstik or willow branch. During this stellar week of bites, hook-ups, eats and gaffings, we are all equal before the Angling Gods, just as a perch is equal to a pike, a bass is equal to a bluegill.

First time fly-fisher

You see, few things are more genuine than a boatload of family members dangling lines in the drift, Fido between the gunwales, Junior riding shotgun, dad on the sticks or tinkering with the outboard.

Sure beats mowin’ the lawn

Afterwards, when the rods are put away but the stories only simmering – “I’m tellin’ ya, he was bigger than my leg!” “If it’s that close to the boat, it counts, right?” “Is there really no room for mom?” – there’s the mandatory stop for ice cream, beer, or bitters, depending on the demographic and prevailing weather.

So, a tip-of-the-ball-cap to official sponsors Canadian National Sportfishing Foundation and Canadian Sportfishing Industry Association. Great job, guys and gals.

As patriotic as pie and nightcrawlers

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go practice for the 2013 Mr. Universe Power-lifting and Fly-fishing Championship. That is, if I can dig up enough Czech nymphs to constitute a Gang Troll … Chris

To good friends, good food, good drink, and good fishin’ – Cheers!