Pics From 2018

Covering a Point -Arizona

Here are a few pics from 2018.Once again I am grateful to be able to enjoy a variety of Landscapes while either Fly-Fishing or Bird Hunting.Bot hare fantastic sports that provide the participants a means of escape from the day to day grind.I sincerely hope you enjoy them and I wish you the best in 2019.Cheers !

Cactus Wren Nest -Arizona
Arizona Quail Slam
Idaho Bill on Point -Arizona
The Dog Yard
Looking into Mexico
Kate pointing Scalies -West Texas
Bass Fishing -Arizona
Spring Creek -Montana
Hook up Missouri River MT
Small Stream -MT
Brown Trout -Alberta
Elk River -BC
Cutthroat Trout -BC
Bow River -Alberta
Saint Mary River -BC
Bow River -Alberta
Francotte Box -Lock -SK
Field Shoot -SK
Josie -SK
Crush pointing Huns -Sk
Millie Pointing Huns -SK
Admiring Huns -SK
Old Grain Bin- SK