Montana Brown Trout Stream


For the last few years my “Montana Stop” has now included some exploration of the country side including searching out some small stream fishing.It’s led to some great new discoveries and although the fish are not as big or the creeks as fertile as the nearby Missouri River it provides an excellent crowd free experience with a very scenic backdrop.

Small Stream Brown Trout

The creeks are perfect 4 weight water, and usually I can get by with fishing a Hopper/Dropper rig which is a lot of fun to cast and very effective.Of course when in doubt small streamers also get it done.

Dave Perkins choosing a fly for a P.M.D. rising Central Montana Spring Creek Brown Trout

The trout which are be a mix of browns,brookies and rainbows are generally not to selective provided that your imitation is close to what is hatching.The creeks themselves are  mostly Freestone with a few Spring or “Spring like” Creeks thrown in.

Small Stream -Montana

Each creek has it’s own little charm, the scenery is awesome and the trout are the bonus.

small stream streamer eating brown trout

Of course every stream  has it’s own little personality.Some you can jump across others demand careful wading.

Fishing Stone fly patterns in a riffle

Everything you need for a day !

The beauty in small stream fishing is that you leave the crowds and driftboat behind and downsize your tackle, carrying nothing but the essentials.Then start walking. .. and fishing !

Hook -up

small stream rainbow trout

My fascination with trout living in these little creeks probably is a result of reading to many  John Gierach essays, or a mix of that and digging the scenery.Perhaps it’s just getting out of  my driftboat for a different change of pace.Whatever the reason(s) are it’s been a lot of fun.

Foam eating Brown Trout

Hook -Up

As my trek north continues so will the search.Of course findings will remain nameless as they should.However the end of the day Beer will be Ice cold.




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