Southern Alberta Backroads: A Fly-Fishing Photo Essay

First light on a southern Alberta tailwater. Coyotes yelp along the ridge and a nighthawk swoops overhead. A fish rises. And another. And then … that’s it. Nothing else shows on the surface or anywhere else. The sun rises. The cows cut in. You shrug your shoulders and confer with the client. He knew the deal. Four o’clock in the motel lobby for a crack at the biggest rainbows in the region.

Only it’s not happening this morning. You’re not sure why. That’s fishing. That’s the deal.


Back to the truck. Full blast on the heater. The day is early, after all. There are options. You might be discouraged at this point, or you might be encouraged: it’s bright, the sun is warming nearby waters, the clicking grasshoppers are starting to stir.

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