Test Casting The Orvis Helios 3

Boats and Fly-Rods = Guide Magnets

This past weekend I had the opportunity too cast a few more of Orvis’s New Premium Fly-Rod The Helios 3.Afterall there is a lot of warranted hype and the folks at Orvis are happy with the results with the launch.I don’t blame them, the rod lives up to everything Orvis has communicated it would do.

Foam eating Bow River Brown Trout and a H3D prototype

Last August I posted a review on The 5 Weight Helios,both the D and F models that I had the opportunity to fish last Summer.

This past weekend I test casted several rods in #6,#7,#8 line weights both in the  D and F  series.I like them …a lot.For my casting stroke (aggressive) I prefer the D model action,it’s not plagued with a the problem that some fast action rods have which is it casts or loads one line weight heavier even though the D series is tapered to handle half weight lines that are designed for faster rods I cast , 6,7, and 8 weight rods in the D series with “regular” rated  fly lines and no -problemo the rods all loaded up perfectly.I had no issues achieving both distance and accuracy  … #impressed !

Buddy Geoff test casts a 6 wt H3D

The F Model is not a slouch either.I got too cast these in 7 and 8 weights and really enjoyed them.I think in the lower weights the F series are excellent dry fly trout rods, especially for Anglers that like a little slower action.In the heavier line ups (6 and Up ) they are perfect for Anglers that have a little slower casting stroke.The cool feature that I have found with the F series is there is a reserve power to the rod,when push comes to shove and you have to aggressively cast into the wind or carry a lot of line the rod can handle that added power via the casting stroke.The Rod does not “crumple ” which I.M.H.O. a lot of soft action rods do when overpowered.

Casting H3’s,drinking Beer and a Hydros Reel -perfect pairing ?

Last summer when fishing the 5 weight it felt like I was casting a 4 weight.One of the objectives I had was to see if this trait was consistent throughout the line up of Helios 3 9 footers and it was ! despite the heavier line weights I thought each rod  felt like it was a line weight lighter.Re the 8 weight felt like a 7 weight which felt like a 6 weight and so on.

The 9 Ft 5 wt H3 F series  in action on Montana’s Missouri River during a P.M.D. Hatch

The cosmetics on the rods is stealthy which I like.I will  leave the details on reel seats and line guides to Orvis .What I ended up purchasing was the 905 and 907  in the D series,The 905 will be my big river dry fly rod, small river do anything rod,big river hopper rod .. I think you get it.The 907 will be my go -to streamer and Bass fishing rod.Of course I am always  pondering other models, like the 906 but found I don’t really fish a 6 weight that much and I have that covered in the award winning,mid priced Recon Series.In closing the H3 does what Orvis says it will do,all the rods are true to their line weights and get the job done.Go cast one !