The Kreelex Again

This Saint mary River (BC) chrushed a Kreelex last season

A few years ago I posted about the attributes of Chuck Kraft’s Kreelex Streamer.Since then it seems it has gained more in popularity as I am seeing a lot of Fly-Fishers fishing it.Depending where you are stand with secrets that’s good news for some and bad news for others.I think its good news for all as the more colors of the go -to material  used to tie the Kreelex are now entering the market place.Thanks to Montana Fly Company.

Hot off the vice

So now the theory of the fish have seen it all gets blown out the window because you can tie more color combinations win for all !.I am looking forward to tying some in Olive and other normally drab for The Kreelex Colors.I think they will rock it.Staying to the tried and true super flashy but with some new twists.Click on this link Page 169 and have a look at colors being offered and get tying !

some of the colors I’l be messing with
Bubby Matt -with a missouri river streamer eater