Thoughts on Bull Trout

Elk River Bull Trout

In the Trout and Char Family ,Bull Trout are regarded as  the ugly step child , with the exception of being “native’ there really is nothing glamorous about them other than their large size . Bullies tend to eat anything big , I have seen them eat Squirrels , Whitefish and Cutties ,therefore streamer fishing is the norm .I have also had big bull trout eat Dry Flies during the Salmon  and Golden Stone Fly hatches . Thanks to special regulations Bull Trout are flourishing in Alberta and British Columbia so if you have never fished for them  this is the zone you want to target  .The crown jewel of bull trout fishing is The Wigwam River in B.C. as it receives a run of Bullies coming out of The Kootenay River which for Bull Trout aficionados is the place.  I am not a bull trout fanatic but Adam Richards is check out this Bull Trout video .

Streamer Eater