Warm Water Release

Fly-Rods and Bass Poppers

When it comes to Fly-fishing  nothing  compares to a Trout coming up to eat a Dry Fly ,for most that is the what the sport is all about .However when you live 18 miles from the Mexican Line ,Trout are hard to come by ,and for me the next best fresh water fish are Bass.I have been hitting a couple lakes close to home , feeling my way around and getting to know where the shelves , points , and other structure is. The efforts have been rewarded .

I grew up Bass fishing in Ontario , mostly for  Smallmouths , with a few Largemouths thrown in .Until I moved to Calgary Bass where a big part of my first fly-fishing ventures as like here in Arizona they where very convenient ,lakes and rivers where close by so it was easy for me to get at them .Until this year in order to get my fly-fishing fix I would travel out of State to go Trout fishing ,this year the line in the sand was drawn,I wanted to get back into Bass fishing after all when you own the only Drift Boat within 18 miles of the Mexican Border , you need to use it ,which we have .

Bass fishing is relatively easy ,fly and equipment selection is straight forward  as you don’t need a lot of different flies ,Clousers , Buggers , Poppers and Sliders round out the Flies and for Rods you need  7 & 8 weight rods to cast the large flies and to turn Bass  away from any snags that they generally head to once hooked.For Fly lines I am using a combo of floating and sink -tips  which allows me to probe different depths . The ultimate in Bass fishing  is getting a Bass to eat your floating offerings ,and now that the spawn is over with they are all over it , the eats are incredible ,usually there is a wake headed for your fly before it disappears kinda like in  the movie “Jaws”.Subsurface eats are just as violent ,there is no doubt when you are hooked up .My longing for a Trout Stream has somewhat subsided ,  in the mean time there are Bass to be had and I am all over it .

Tish enjoys her time in the boat
Chernobyl Eating Largemouth
Clouser Eater