Montana Bird Hunting

Covering a Sharptail point

New for 2020 is the addition of Guided Montana Upland Bird Hunting thru Channel & Brown Outfitting Company L.L.C. (MT Outfitter #7886 ) The area we operate in is home to abundant “wild’ Populations of Sage Grouse,Sharptail Grouse,Hungarian Partridge and Pheasants.

Montana Roosters.

We have under lease over 120,000 acres and more land is added as we continue to familiarize ourselves with the area and land owners.The landscape is immense requiring big running dogs.Hunters must also be able to cover the ground by being prepared to walk 5- 8 miles per day.

Chili with a Montana Sharptail Grouse

Our location is 21/2 hours away from our Saskatchewan Bird Camp therefore making it easy for our Clients to Hunt in both locations.We are 31/2 hrs from Billings MT and Great Falls MT which are the closest commercial airports.

Montana Hungarian Partridge and a SxS

Clients may also want to fish The Missouri River for a few days and with come out to our Montana Bird Camp or Hunt out of Cascade MT.Contact Us for the details.

Josie working a Shelter Belt in search of Montana Pheasants

Montana Bird Hunting Equipment List

Sharptail Grouse

Montana Bird Hunting Daily Guide Rates 

$600 Per Gun for 2 Guns

$800 For a Single Gun

Lodging is either at a Motel or The Sleeping Buffalo Resort.

Rooster and a Francote SxS


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