Friday Fotos -Spring Creeks

Armstrong’s  Spring Creek _Paradise Valley MT

I received a new Fly-Rod from Orvis yesterday.It’s the new Helios Generation 4 -9ft 4 wt.I cast it out in from of the house and of course starting dreaming of all the places I like to fish 4 wt rods ,which are on Spring Creeks.To me it’s a perfect fit as it fits or handles everything you need to do in order to be successful while fishing Spring Creeks.The new rod also has me doing a little bit of day dreaming of good things to come.Namely fishing Spring Creeks.Why? I enjoy the challenges the technical aspects of fishing these waters as they be a challenge especially during a hatch.Other times the often wary Trout throw caution to the wind as they literally attack your Hopper.Of course there is the chance of hooking and sometimes landing a large trout which leaves you wondering how something that big can inhabit a small piece of water.It’s also fun to get out of a Drift Boat for a day and go for a walk.Enjoy the Pics.

Big Spring Creek -Montana
Paradise Valley Spring Creek
Armstrong’s Spring Creek
Spring Creek Rainbow
Spring Creek Fly-Fishing
Spring Creek Hook Up
Montana Spring Creek
Hopper Eater
Spring Creek Brown Trout
Rainbow Rewards
Blue Line Bliss
Somewhere in Montana
Spring Creek Brown Trout