Missouri River Montana Fly-Fishing Guides and Outfitter

A guided Fly-Fishing trip on Montana’s “Blue Ribbon” Missouri River should be on every angler’s bucket list.Montana’s Missouri River is regarded as one of the best brown and rainbow trout Tailwater Fisheries in North America.It’s home to a rich and varied insect life, great scenery and a wild trout population that is off the charts.The Fishing can be very technical therefore ‘experience counts” when hiring Missouri River Fly-Fishing Guides.With a combined 50 years of Guiding and Outfitting Experience our Orvis Endorsed Missouri River Montana Fly-Fishing Guides have the know how to ensure you have a great Missouri River Montana Fly-Fishing Trip.

Missouri River Montana Streamer fishing with a Fly-Fishing Guide
Fly-Fishing Montana's Missouri River
Missouri River Montana Rainbow Trout
Missouri River Rainbow Trout

The Rich and varied insect life coupled with the Missouri River’s Tailwater and spring creek like characteristics equate to dependable hatches ,strong growth rates and dependable but challenging Dry Fly fishing.Caddis and Mayflies are in abundance, while faster flowing stretches also are home to various Stoneflies ,Midge hatches in the Spring can also be intense. In the Summer into early Fall Terrestrial fishing can also be very rewarding, especially when large Missouri River Brown Trout crush your Hopper pattern.

Missouri River Montana Brown Trout
Missouri River Brown Trout


The Missouri River can be described as The World’s Largest Spring Creek!

From the Holter Dam down to the town of Cascade, the River’s population of trout varies from 5000-8000 combined brown and rainbow trout over 10 inches per mile in the upper stretch (Holter Dam to Craig) to 2500 per mile as the river reaches Cascade’s outskirts.The Missouri River Montana Fly-fishing experience is best noted for Spring Creek-style Dry Fly fishing,insane and technical nymphing action and awesome streamer fishing.

fly-fishing the Missouri River in Montana
Missouri River Streamer eating rainbow trout
Fly-fishing Montana's Missouri River with a Montana Fly-Fishing Guide
Steve plays a Hopper eater
Missouri River Montana Fly-Fishing Guide and Outfitter with a Brown trout
Steve's Hopper Eater

Missouri River Fly-Fishing Season

Although the Missouri River fishes year round the timeframe we focus in on is from May thru in to October. The rainbow trout spawn has finished, the fish are out of the winter water and feeding more aggressively and the hatches are strong, providing great dry fly opportunities.

Missouri River Montana Fly-Fishing Guides and Outfitter

While other rivers can be high and dirty from run-off, due The Missouri River never really does.The dams above The Missouri River Tailwater act as a massive settling pond,although flows increase during run off  the Missouri River never blows out from dirty water which is a huge bonus for Fly-Fishers seeking a Missouri River Montana fly-fishing trip in June.

Missouri River Fly-Fishing Guides and Outfitter
Hopper eating Missouri River Rainbow Trout

Missouri River Dry Fly Fishing

A big draw to the Missouri River is the outstanding Dry Fly Fishing which The Missouri River is known for.Montana’s Missouri River can be defined as a massive Spring Creek offering Anglers who come to the Missouri River a chance at some great fish on top.The hatches on The Missouri River are intense however Anglers need to be able to cast and present their Missouri River Dry Flies into the Trout’s feeding lane and present it Drag Free.The Best all around Fly-Rod for Dry -Fly Fishing on The Missouri River is a 9Ft 5 wt with a Weight forward Line.

Missouri River Hatches

  • Midges
  • B.W.O’s
  • Various Caddis
  • March Browns
  • P.M.D’s
  • Trcos
  • P.E.D’s
  • Brown Drakes
  • Golden Stones
  • Terrestrials
Dry Fly Brown Trout caught on Montana's Missouri River
Missouri River Dry Fly Fishing

Missouri River Nymph Fishing

Our Missouri River Fly-Fishing Guides are very good at getting our Clients into a fish by fishing Nymphs.Nymph fishing is a highly productive way to Fish on any river.Due to the amount of aquatic life found in The Missouri River.Anglers can “rack em up” while Nymph Fishing.The Nymphs we use run the full gauntlet of Aquatic Vertebrae found in the river and include,Mayfly Nymphs,Caddis larvae,Stonefly Nymphs,Scuds,Sow bugs,Back Swimmers,Crane Fly Larvae,Crayfish, Midge Larvae and Aquatic Worms.The two most common ways to Nymph Fish The Missouri River is either with a “deep “rig where Nymphs are fished 4-6 feet underneath a strike indicator usually rigged with two flies and a split shot.The other Nymphing technique that our Missouri River Fly-Fishing Guides like to use is a shallow or light rig.The indicator is smaller compared to the “Deep rig” and can be Yarn or a small Indicator.A Hopper or Large attractor such as a Chubby Chernobyl or Hopper Pattern can also be used.Usually we are fishing water that is 6 inches -24 inches deep with this rig.The most common rods used for Missouri River Nymph Fishing are 9-91/2 Ft 5 &6 weights.

Guided Fly-fishing on Montana's Missouri River
Double Hook up Nymph fishing the Missouri River
Missouri River Montana Brown Trout
Shallow Nymph eating Missouri River Brown Trout

Missouri River Montana Streamer Fishing

Streamer fishing is often over looked on The Missouri River ,however our Missouri River Fly-Fishing Guides love to fish Streamers and love it even more when our clients want “in’ on The Streamer game.For Clients that want to target large Missouri River Brown and Rainbow Trout Streamer fishing is the way to go.

Streamer fishing on The Missouri River with a Fly-Fishing Guide
Streamer Hook up on Montana's Missouri River
Missouri River Montana Streamer Fly
Missouri River Streamer

We fish a variety of Streamer Patterns and what we fish is determined by how the Missouri River brown and rainbow trout are reacting to our flies.The Equipment we use for Streamer fishing is usually a 9 ft 7 weight rod with both floating and a 10ft sink tip lines.Our Guides will have all the neccesary Fly-Rods and Missouri River Streamers for your trip.Just let us know that you want to fish streamers on you Missouri River Guided Fly-Fishing Trip.


Missouri River Montana Fly-Fishing Guides
Streamer Eater _Missouri River Fly-Fishing

Missouri River Fly-Fishing Guides and Outfitters

Our Guided Missouri River Fly -Fishing Trips along with Guided Montana Upland Bird Hunts are ran through Orvis Endorsed Channel & Brown Outfitting Company based out of Cascade Montana.Longtime Missouri River Fly-fishing Guide & Outfitter Lindsey Channel Montana Outfitter #7886 is Co -Owner of Channel & Brown Outfitting Co..Lindsey has over 30 years of Guiding and Outfitting Experience,Lindsey has worked as a Missouri River Fishing Guide and Outfitter for 20 years.Ontop of being a Jedi Missouri River Fly-Fishing Guide and Outfitter Lindsey also Outfits for Trophy Montana Mule and White Tail Deer. Our Client’s enjoy Lindsey’s ability to think outside the box and consistently target Big Missouri River Brown Trout a rare talent that very few Missouri River Fishing Guides possess. Lindsey is extremely patient and an excellent Fly-Fishing Instructor.

Missouri River Montana Fly-Fishing Guides
Outfitter Lindsey Channel with a hopper eating Missouri River Brown Trout
missouri river Montana fly-fishing guide Dave Brown
Dave Brown with a Missouri River Brown Trout

Dave Brown Montana Guide License #15117 has been Fly-fishing on Montana’s Missouri River since 1993 and is also a Co-Owner of Channel & Brown Outfitting Co. Dave has held a Montana Fishing Guide License for 10 Years doing most of his Missouri River Montana Guided Fishing Trips during the months of May and June before heading north to run his Orvis Endorsed Guide Service on Alberta’s Bow River for the remainder of the fishing Season.Things have changed for Dave and he will now be spending equal time Guiding on Montana’s Missouri River and The Bow River.Why ? Dave loves the challenges these two rivers bring to the Fly-Fishing table namely big browns and rainbows.Dave loves to coach his Fly-Fishing clients the nuances of streamer fishing and throughly enjoys setting his Clients up for dry fly shots at Missouri River Trout.Like Lindsey, Dave has 25 Years of Outfitter and Guiding Experience.

Floating The Missouri River with a Fly-Fishing Guide

Missouri River Guided Fly-Fishing Rates

At $650 per day Our Missouri River Fly-Fishing Guide Rates include:

  • Flies
  • Boat Rods (if needed)
  • Leaders
  • Tippet
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Deli Style Lunch
  • Transportation to and from the River
  • Exclusions
  • Montana Fishing
  • Licenses
  • Gratuities
  • Lodging
surface feeding trout on the missouri river

Missouri River Montana Fly-Fishing Lodging

Lodging in and around Montana’s Missouri River varies from hotel and motel rooms to private rental homes.There are lots of options ensuring your Missouri River Fly-Fishing Experience is in line with your budget and comfort level. Contact Us for more details.

Missouri River Ranch

Located upstream of Craig Montana the Missouri River Ranch is an excellent choice for those seeking a western Fly-Fishing Lodge experience. CONTACT US to Book it.

Missouri River fly-fishing lodge

Bob’s Missouri River Fly-Fishing Retreat

Our Friend Bob has a stellar Log Cabin on the Missouri River that sleeps 6 People.See the slide show below.Contact Bob via email dbkuntz10@gmail.com or Text Bob @ 406-788-2282 For rates and details.


Other Options

Anglers can easily spend several days Fly-Fishing the Missouri River, then exploring other rivers in Montana, Alberta and British Columbia including Alberta’s Bow River and British Columbia’s Elk River.

Missouri River Fly-Fishing Equipment List

  • 9ft 5 weight Fly Rod -Dry Flies and Nymphing
  • 9ft 6 or 7 WT Rod
  • Streamers and Nymph Fishing
  • Reels with WF floating Fly Lines
  • Spare spool with a 10 ft sink tip for Streamer Rod
  • Breathable Waders
  • Rain Jacket
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Hat
  • Polarized Sunglasses
  • Wet Wading Gear (if fishing during the Summer )
  • Sun Hoodies and/or light weight fishing shirts
  • Montana Fishing License
Missouri River Montana Fly-Fishing Guides
Double Brown Trout Trouble -Missouri River Montana