D.B.O. and Covid 19

Dave with a Bow River Brown Trout

Like everyone we are hoping that this Pandemic clears out and things get back to normal sooner than later, but we are planning for the worst and hoping for the best.We have had minimal cancellations however its wait and see,If you have booked a trip with us lets stay in contact and see how this pans out.We will not be invoicing until we are 14 days out  from your trip.If travel restrictions are still in effect then we will be holding off or not invoicing if the trip is canceled.The priority right now is self isolation and staying healthy.If you can fish local it’ s good for the soul.

Lisa Filigenzi fishing Montana’s Missouri River

Dave Brown Outfitters Donated Trips.

Every Year D.B.O. donates guided trips to various Conservation Organizations which total $5000 in goods and services.These Organizations include Southern Arizona Quail Forever,The Green Valley Hunters and Anglers Club ,Bow River Trout Foundation,Alberta Back Country Hunters and Anglers,Missouri River Fly-Fishers and The Upper Missouri Watershed Alliance.Our normal protocol is that donated trips of any sort must be booked by May 1st and are valid for 1 year or the season in which they are booked in.As it stands now we are canceling any donated fishing trips for 2020,however we will honor those trips in 2021.We are playing wait and see on our donated hunts.We are sorry if this causes any hardship but we are concerned about our cash flow which donated trips impact.We hope you understand.If you have any questions Contact Me.

waiting game