D.B.O. Fly-Fishing

Missouri River Fly-Fishing

It’s coming down to the nitty gritty traditionally I would be gearing up to be heading to Montana and The Missouri River next week and hanging out there until post runoff then heading up to The Bow River and Southern Alberta which generally happens in late June.Of course the Covid 19 Crisis has put a Damper on that as the whole world is in limbo.Please Read Alberta’s Covid 19 Instructions.

Bow River Brown Trout

The Current conditions are looking strong for a  good season, this is due to a very good snow pack in both Montana and Alberta.My guess is that Summer Months Prime Time will be early July with August being strong.By then hopefully things are back to the new normal and Anglers will be able to board planes and fly out to Western Fly-Fishing Destinations.We also realize there is a lot of uncertainty out there.

Outfitter Lindsey Channel with a hopper eating Missouri River Brown Trout

Pencil in Bookings

I have been communicating with our Clients that have booked with us already.Dave Brown Outfitters will not be asking for a Deposit  until we know trips are a go.We are also suggesting that if you have booked a trip with us in Canada that you look at Montana as a “Plan B”.If you (dumb comment )want to go fishing but don’t want to  financially commit we get that,therefore we are encouraging new enquiries to pencil in some dates.We are totally onboard with that and will not invoice until we are 14 days out.If things change for the worse during that 14 day time period we will refund 100% of the trip cost back to you.These Pencil in Bookings apply to Montana,Alberta,Arizona and Saskatchewan only.We have also put together some great package rates for our Fly-Fishing Program.Contact Us    

Bow River Rainbow Tout