Elk River & Southern Alberta Fly-Fishing Report

The Elk River is looking good - give it a week
The Elk River is high but dropping fast  – give it a week

The Elk River near Fernie BC is dropping quick.Some of the tribs are fishing decent but give it a week and The Elk River should be fishing decent-good.Currently Golden Stone are hatching and a few Green Drakes are around.Once the water warms up and drops the Trout will start to key in on these morsels.On my way up from Montana I checked out The Oldman and Crowsnest Rivers,while the Oldman Tailwater is toast for now the Crowsnest and Upper Oldman Rivers’ are looking good but still high.Stay tuned friends.

The Kootenay Fly-Shop -Fernie BC
The Kootenay Fly-Shop -Fernie BC

If you are coming to Fernie make sure you pop into The Kootenay Fly-Shop which on top of being the first Fly-Shop in Fernie BC The Kootenay Fly-Shop boasts the largest selection of Flies for both S.W.Alberta and S.E. British  Columbia.Guide wise we do have some avilability left,Contact us for  the dates you want to fish.