July 29 2018 Fishing Report

Hopper Eating Bow River Brown Trout

Terrestrial Fishing has arrived and is strong in our neck of the woods.We are seeing more hoppers this year than in previous years which makes for some very interesting fishing.As the days warm up it seems so does the fishing.

Floating The Saint Mary River

Alberta’s southern Trout streams are all fishing well.So has The Elk and Saint Mary River in BC.We have been quite busy on The Bow River.for good reason its one of the few Western Rivers where anglers regualry hook above average sized rainbow and brown trout.

Hoppers it’s whats for dinner

As we Progress into August Hopper fishing will only intensify and during hatch periods watch for Flav’s ,Caddis and Tricos.All river dependent of course.Contact Us and lets get out there.

Elk River Cutthroat
Bow River Rainbow
Hopper Eater