Saskatchewan Upland Bird Hunting Guides

A hunter moves in on a English pointer that is pointing Hunagarin Partridge

Saskatchewan Upland Bird Hunting

Saskatchewan Upland Bird Hunting is nothing new to Dave Brown Outfitters.Since 2000 we have Guided Bird Hunters from around the World on Saskatchewan Upland Bird Hunts in the vast and open Prairre of S.W. Saskatchewan.Dave Brown Outfitters holds two Saskatchewan Outfitter Licenses allowing us to Guide Upland Bird Hunters in virtually the entire S.W. Corner of The Province.No other Saskatchewan Upland Bird Hunting Guide/Outfitter has this capability.The Benefit to our our Saskatchewan Upland Bird Hunting Clients is we have a ton of Private Property to Hunt therefore we are always into “fresh” Birds.It also allows us to move to different areas where if hatches of Hungarian Partridge and Sharptail Grouse are down due to weather at nesting time.Orvis Endorsed Dave Brown Outfitters is also the first and only Saskatchewan Upland Bird Hunting Outfitter to use Pointing Dogs,at test to our commitment to deliver an epic Saskatchewan Upland Bird Hunt to our Clients.If you are looking for an incredible all “wild” Bird Hunt starring this is it.Due to the habitat The Hungarian Partridge Hunting is the best in North America and The Sharptail Grouse hunting is also off the charts.What our Clients like about our Saskatchewan upland Bird Hunts is the lack of people, the huge vistas and consistent populations of Wild Hungarian Partridge and Sharptail Grouse.

Saskatchewan Upland Bird Hunting

Saskatchewan Hungarian partridge and a Francotte 20 Gauge Box Lock


Saskatchewan Upland Bird Species

Roadside Saskatchewan Hungarian Partridge Covey

Saskatchewan is the place to go for Hungarian Partridge Enthusiasts,even in a down year our Saskatchewan Bird Hunting Clients are getting into or seeing 6 coveys per day and in a very good year expect to see double digit coveys of 15 -20 Birds.Sharptail Grouse which is the native Prairie Bird are also found in good numbers, often overlapping with the Hungarian Partridge which is a native to Europe.The Hungarian Partridge where introduced to the Canadian Prairies in 1910 and have thrived ever since their introduction.We also have Ruffed Grouse which are found in the Cypress Hills in extreme S.W. Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Hungarian Partridge Covey rise


The Terrain and Habitat

Crush pointing Sharptails along the side of a Coulee

Hunters can expect to hunt a variety of Habitats that Saskatchewan Upland Birds call home.These habitats vary from abandoned Farmsteads ,Hedgerows,Coulees,River Breaks,Sand Hills and Slough Bottoms.Upland Bird Hunters can expect to expect to cover some ground however the walking for the most part can be easy or as difficult as you want it to be.To prepare for any Wild Bird Hunt we suggest that you get in decent shape by walking 1-2 miles  at a decent pace while wearing your hunting boots.

Sharptail Grouse and an AYA #2

Upland Bird Hunting with Dave Brown Outfitters

Hungarian partridge pointed by an english pointer

Covering a Point

Our season starts Sept 15th and we run until October 31st.Then we head home to Arizona and start Guiding Quail Hunts.We look forward each year to getting up to Saskatchewan and showing our Clients a great Upland Saskatchewan Upland Bird hunt.Needless to say our string of 14 Dogs comprising of English Pointers,Brittany Spaniels and Labradors also enjoy the Saskatchewan Upland Bird Season.

Sharptail Grouse and a SxS 16 Gauge Shotgun.

We keep things on the small side which helps  keep things personalized.Our Maximum Capacity is 6 hunters with a 2 hunters per 1 guide ratio.Each Guide takes 4 dogs to the field.The Dogs are either ran individually or with a Brace-mate.Our guides all work different areas so they become extremely familiar with the Habitats and Landowners.We encourage our clients to bring their dogs as the amount of wild Bird contacts a dog gets into will certainly help with their development.We also Encourage our Hunters to take advantage of the “off the Charts ” Waterfowl Hunting we have.

Idaho Bill pointing Sharptails-BooBoo the lab gets ready to go in and Flush


Location & Airports

Wingshooting SK

We are located in the  small Farming Town of Cabri  Saskatchewan.It is  2.5 hrs from both Saskatoon and Regina.Both have are served by major airlines.We are 5 hrs from Great Falls Montana and 4.5 hrs from Calgary Alberta.Once bookings are made we will provide more exact details.


Lodging and Dining

Lodging is at a The Sunrise Inn or at a Hunter House.The Sunrise Inn is clean, comfortable and has WIFI.All rooms have private Bathrooms and two Queen Sized Beds.The Hunter House can sleep up to four people and has WIFI.You can cook you own meals at the Hunter House.Cabri Boasts 2 Cafes and a Bar so you are covered for food.


Dave Brown and Saskatchewan Hunting  featured on The Orvis Hunting Podcast


Podcast: From the Fields of Saskatchewan, with Dave Brown


Saskatchewan Upland Bird Hunting Equipment List

  • Strap Vest
  • Light Weight Boots
  • Layered Clothing
  • Shooting Gloves
  • 12 -20 Gauge Shotgun choked ic/mod
  • #6 Shot
  • Shooting Gloves
  • Soft Cooler
  • Rain Jacket
  • Brush Pants
  • Sun Glasses or Shooting Glasses
  • Blaze Orange Hat

About Dave Brown Outfitters

Dave,Kate and Happy Clients -Arizona

Originally from Calgary Alberta,Dave Brown has been guiding in Saskatchewan since 2000.First out of Maple Creek then with the purchase of our 2nd Saskatchewan Outfitter License out of the small farming town of Cabri Saskatchewan.Dave Brown Outfitters is a full-time ,year round Outfitting Company,during the Summer Months D.B.O. is busy conducting Fly-Fishing Trips in Alberta,Montana and British Columbia.September and October is spent in Saskatchewan Guiding Upland Bird and Waterfowl Hunts then after that season wraps up Dave heads home to Patagonia Arizona and Guides Quail Hunts.Dave is the first Canadian Upland Bird Hunting Guide to employ or use pointing dogs in Saskatchewan and maintains the largest commercial Dog String on The Canadian Prairre.Dave and his Saskatchewan Upland Bird Guide Business has been featured in Shooting Sportsman Magazine,Pointing Dog Journal and numerous other periodicals. D.B.O. is also the only Orvis Endorsed Wingshooting Outfitter In Canada which gives us a very high bar to live up to.

Saskatchewan Upland Bird Hunting Rates,Inclusions, Exclusions and Dates

Saskatchewan Upland Bird Hunting

Idaho Bill points a covey of Huns

$700 Per Gun,Per Day- Double Occupancy (includes waterfowl hunting )

$950 Per day Single Hunter (we don’t mix parties )

*prices are subject to change without notice *

  • Guide with well trained Dogs
  • Transportation to and from the field
  • Drinks in the field (lunch is taken at Local Cafes )
  • Access to Private Hunting Grounds
  • Transportation to Cabri
  • Meals
  • Lodging
  • Licences
  • Shotgun shells
  • Bird Processing (There is a Bird Cleaner in town)
To Book your Guided Saskatchewan Hunting Trip

Call us @800-453-3991

Text us @ 520-604-2729

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You can also book this hunt thru World Trophy Adventures (Cabelas )

Saskatchewan Hungarian Partridge and a German Double Gun

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