2023 Dave Brown Outfitters Wingshooting News

Arizona Quail Hunting

Our Arizona Quail Season ended on 12 Feb.By all accounts it was a good one.We had a good uptick on Mearns Quail,Gambels and Scaled Quail numbers where better than expected which resulted in many of our Clients harvesting the coveted Arizona Quail Slam.

Mearns Quail

Due to a un predicted  wet Winter which will bond well for a good Gambels and Scaled Quail reproduction We are now actively booking for the up and coming season.The Arizona Quail Season Dates have not been established yet but it is safe to say Mearns Quail will open December 1st closing sometime in February.

Millie Points a Covey of Mearns Quail -El Coronado Lodge

The El Coronado Lodge -Arizona Quail Hunting Lodge

El Coronado Lodge

Our trips conducted on The El Coronado Lodge were a great success.Due to the recent change in ownership and the expansion of the land base this venue continues to grow in popularity as it is the only all inclusive wild Bird Hunting Lodge in the S.W. that given the land mass can sustain a limited amount of hunting pressure thus ensuring our clients are into “fresh birds ‘during their time spent on the property.The 2023/24 Season slots are now posted with some slots now sold out.If interested we  encourage you to book sooner than later.

El Coronado Quail Slam
Belle points a covey of Gambels Quail – El Coronado Ranch

Montana Upland Bird Hunting Guides

Montana Upland Bird Hunting -Idaho Bill points a covey of Hungarian Partridge

Once again we will be offering a limited amount of Guided Montana Bird Hunts in the Saco-Malta MT area.Our capacity is extremely limited to 4 Hunters (pre Pheasant Season ) then once Pheasant Season opens we increase our capacity to 6 Hunters.

Lodging is either at The Great Northern Hotel in Malta or The Sleeping Buffalo Resort near Saco.

Hungarian Partridge Covey Rise -Montana

This is a multi species Montana Bird Hunt for Sage Grouse,Huns and Sharptails.Once the Sage Grouse Season ends (Sept 30) We rest our Leases until The Montana Pheasant Season opens which is the 1st Saturday in October.Space is limited so please let us know if this is an interest.

Saskatchewan Upland Bird and Waterfowl Hunting Guides.

Saskatchewan Field Shoot

Located 2 1/2 hours north of our Montana Upland Bird Hunting Venue ,our Saskatchewan “mixed bag” hunt offers our Clients World Class Waterfowl Hunting  for Multi species of Ducks,Specks,Canada’s ,Snows and Lesser Sand Hill Cranes.The Hungarian Partridge and Sharptail Grouse Hunting is spectacular.It’s safe to say this is the best Hungarian Partridge Hunting in North America.

Hungarian partridge Covey Rise -Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Season begins September 15 and we wrap it up on Oct 31st. Space is limited to 8 Hunters on a 2 hunters per 1 guide ratio.Lodging is at The Motel in Cabri or for those seeking more dinning options Swift Current.

Northern Pintail Drake -Saskatchewan


D.B.O. Bird Hunting Guides

Arizona Quail Guides Justin,Danny and James

We are extremely fortunate to have great guides  with excellent dogs working for us at all our venues.We feel they are the best in the business.



Booking Information

Outfitter Dave Brown with Roxy and some Saskatchewan Huns

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