Arizona Quail Hunting Forecast for the 2022/23 Season

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The Arizona Quail Season will be here before we know it.Based on Forecasted Monsoon Rains and what Winter Rains we received,we are expecting Poor to Fair hunting for Gambels Quail,Fair Hunting for Scaled Quail and Decent too Good for Mearns Quail.Therfore lots of Homework in the form of scouting will need to be done to pull of successful hunts.

Mearns Quail Hunting in Arizona
Mearns Quail Rise

2022/23 Arizona Quail Season Dates

Gambels and Scaled Quail *Mid Oct – February 5th *

Mearns Quail -December 2nd – February 5th

El Coronado Lodge

El Coronado Lodge

The El Coronado Lodge Rates and Dates are now posted for the 2022/23 Quail Season.This is a unique Property offering over 100,000 acres of deeded and leased Land that receives minimal hunting pressure.This is a one and only venue in the South West were upscale lodging are combined with an All wild Bird Hunt for Mearns ,Gambels and Scaled Quail.Click Here to Learn more.

Arizona Quail Slam

Patagonia Arizona Quail Hunts

Mearns Quail
Mearns Quail

The Patagonia Arizona Quail Hunting experience is well worth a visit.Our town has some great eateries, bars and a host of other things for Hunters and non -hunters to do.Lodging is either at Airbnb’s or The Stage Stop Inn.Patagonia is surrounded by ample Mearns Quail Habitat and we are within an Hour’s drive for Gambels and Scaled Quail Hunting.Click Here for more information.

Mearns Quail Point


BooBoo retrieves a Mearns Quail