Bird Hunting Thoughts

Montana Bird Hunting

We are getting ready to shift gears into Bird Hunting mode and of course are looking forward to it.Reports are good  for Upland Bird Hunting in Montana.Pheasants,Huns ,Sharptails and Sage Grouse all are expected to be doing good.

Montana Pheasant Hunting

We have also had some good reports from our Landowners in Saskatchewan.Hun numbers are very good its safe to say Sharptail’s will follow suit.

A hunter moves in on a English pointer that is pointing Hunagarin Partridge
Saskatchewan Upland Bird Hunting

We are getting stoked about getting up onto the Great Plains and getting at it.Overall it should be a good year !We still have openings in both Montana and Saskatchewan,Contact Us for the details.

Saskatchewan Hungarian Partridge
Arizona Mearns Quail
A pair of Arizona Mearns Quail

Arizona has received so very good Monsoon Rains.This is good news for Mearns and to some extent Scaled Quail.Gambels Quail will be spotty but hunters looking to pursue an Arizona Quail Slam should be successful,however it will require some work.The El Coronado Lodge is filling up fast so are our Hunts out of Patagonia we suggest booking sooner than later.

Contact Us for the details.

Arizona Quail Hunting