Double Gun Pics

One of the many bonuses of Guiding Bird Hunts is getting to drool over a lot of really cool and sometimes very old Double Guns.The Clients that carry them purchased them for a number of reasons, most notably the workmanship that goes with the gun which is always top notch.The things that catch my eye are the highly figured and the engraving which displays a high degree of craftsmanship.The guns are also a pleasure to carry in the field thus adding some coolness to the Hunt.Scroll down and take look !

A Purdey 20 Gauge


20 Gauge Piotti and a Mearns Quail
12 Gauge Holland & Holland
20 Gauge Parker Shotgun
Holland & Holland Domion Grade 12 Gauge
Scaled Quail and my W.M. Cashmore 16 Gauge
Holland and Holland Shotgun
Todd with his 16 Gauge Side Leaver
Arizona Quail Slam and a Sidelock
28 Gauge William Evans
20 Gauge AYA and a Saskatchewan Sharptail
William Evans 28 Gauge
Charles Lancaster 20 Gauge circa 1901