Friday Fotos – Bow River Fly-Fishing

Hook -Up


The Bow River in and below Calgary Alberta is aFly-Fishing Treasure. .Imagine fishing out of a City of 1,00,000 + People ..its hard to wrap your head around it but basically once you pull out of the City you are truly out in the sticks.Returning later in the day to take advantage of a wide variety of “Foody” delights.Of Course the fishing is not to shabby ,with a decent self sustaining population of Rainbow and Brown Trout that often exceed 20 Inches it’s quite clear why The Bow River is rated as one of the top “trophy’ Rivers in North America.It’s also very easy to get to as there are countless direct flights from most Major U.S. Cities.Scroll down and take a look at the pics.

Dave Brown With a Brown Trout
Clouds Rolling in
Brown Trout
City Fishing
Dawn Patrol
Rainbow Trout
Streamer Hook -Up
Brown Trout Head Study
Floating The Bow River
Bow River Rainbow
Fly-Fishing The Bow River
Boww River Rainbow Trout