Missouri River Hook-Ups & Rewards

Missouri River Outfitter and Guide Lindsey Channel hooked up on a play day

With Spring rolling around I am getting somewhat excited about the adventures that await.I always start my Fly Fishing Season off on Montana’s Missouri River.It’s a remarkable fishery boasting an extremely robust Trout Population made of a Rainbow and Brown Trout.Some get extremely large.It’s also a river where you use a variety of methods or techniques and for the most part (if you stick to your guns ) you will be rewarded.Like all “Trouty” places It’s also extremely scenic,which is a major plus.Lucky for me a spend a great deal of time in the rowers Seat of a Drift Boat,when the shit hits the fan (a client or friend hooks Up) I get to capture the moment of the Hook up then the  “grip and grin”.Below are some pics of exactly that.Enjoy!

Lisa Hooked up
Caddis Hook up
Angie on the sticks while Greg plays a rainbow
Greg’s rainbow
John playing a brown trout
John’s reward
Steve plays a Hopper eater
Steve’s Hopper Eater
Streamer hook up Selfie
Junk Eater
Lance plays a streamer eating brown trout
Lance with a “fatty”
Max Hooked up to a Hopper Eater
Max with a Brown Trout
Outfitter and Guide Lindsey Channel -Hooked up
L.C.’s Hopper Eater