Montana Bird Hunting and Scenery Pics.

The Open Prairre
Old out building


There is nothing better than getting out on to the Prairies in the Fall and chase Birds.Normally we would be in Saskatchewan  however thats not the case for this season, we are in Eastern Montana.

The Landscape is vast and full of opportunities for the Dogs and Hunters.Native Birds include Sharptail Grouse and Sage Grouse,the imports are Hungarian Partridge and Pheasants, most times when covering points you never know what to expect.

Sunny Points a Covey of Huns

Our older Dogs have pointed most of the wild birds found on the Northern Plains however the Sage Grouse is a new species.It seem the dogs are very surprised at the size of the  Sage Grouse that are flushed over their point,several Sage Grouse points later they are still bewildered.

Crush and Bill pointing Sage Grouse

The Sharptails are numerous and have been fun for both dogs and Hunters alike.We  have picked up our Dog Training game and have been busy scouting knew grounds so we are seeing a lot of fresh or un pressured birds.The terrain ranges from big open C.R.P. Fields to rolling hills covered in native Grass.Sage Brush Flats and Creek bottoms round out the mix which never gets old.

Millie points Sharptails

The beauty of the area,the friendly people and now that Fall is in the air is a great distraction from everything else that going on in the world. Peace Out.


Chili with a Sharptail Grouse
Old Farmstead
Sharptail Grouse
abandoned Grain Elevator
Covering a point
Prairre Rattlesnake
Old Farmstead